Vikas Wsp Ltd Management Discussions.


The Company VIKAS WSP was established in 1988. The Company is one of the Indias foremost guar gum powder (GGP) manufacturer, supplying to all sectors of the food industry with an extensive range of quality products. Besides food, the Company also offers guar gum for technical applications such as pet food, oil drilling and fracturing, textile printing, paper making, etc. Per annum production capacity of all grades guar gum powder is 58800 MT. The Company is committed to provide its customers overall services and values that is the best. It has contributed significantly to our national output, employment and exports.


Your Company is worlds leading provider of guar gum polymers, knows how much traceability means to food and pharmaceutical producers. It offers a complete and trustworthy range of guar polymers world-wide and can fully prove their origins. Traceability serves both regulatory and consumer requirements. The Company is known for proven production processes, advanced quality systems and reliable supplies. These are the reasons that your Company has abducted most of the expanding market of guar polymers. Companys R&D has a gimlet-eye on the application problems and their solutions which goes a long way in expanding its business in all segments in the years ahead. Currently, your Company is the sole producer of "Certified Organic guar polymers" and the same is an opportunity for the Company to spread its wings in markets where none existed before. Threats - Guar is a xerophytes plant and the rain pattern of the monsoons in the Indian arid zone - mainly Western desert of Rajasthan provides ideal growing conditions. The need for just the right amount of rain at the right time leaves the guar crop heavily dependent on the annual rainfall pattern and causes occasional wide swings in guar supply and prices. With the emergence of irrigated guar seeds, dependency of guar crop on monsoon has been minimized. Now its crop is irrigated with canal water at the right time that increased its per hectare yield greatly.


During the current year under review your Company has achieved a total turnover of Rs. 19,848.60 lakhs as compared to Rs. 59349.14 lakhs in the previous year during the year under review the Company has net Loss of Rs. 8,431.50 lakhs.


Your Company remains committed to enlarging Foreign Exchange Earnings. Earnings from exports create growing value for the Indian Economy and also serve to benchmark the competitiveness of your Companys operations with global standards.

The VIKAS WSPs contribution to Foreign Exchange Earning from agro exports is a measure of your Companys growing contribution to the rural economy.


As the Company is dealing only in Guar derivatives and Guar Polymers, therefore, segment wise detail is not required to incorporate.


The Company is having adequate internal control systems and procedures which commensurate with the size of the Company. All the departments of the Company are following the established rules and regulations for internal control systems. Company established a Internal Control Audit Department which ensure that the internal control systems are properly followed by all the concerned departments of the Company.


Beyond Balance Sheet, Companys singly biggest asset is its Human Resource. The Company is of firm belief that the human resources are the driving force towards progress and success. The Company continued its policy of attracting and recruiting best available talents so that it can face business challenges ahead. The Company also offers attractive compensation packages to retain and motivate its professionals so that they can infuse their best efforts. The industrial relation continues to be cordial during the year.

Though the statement and views expressed in the above said report are on the basis of certain assumptions and expectations of future events, but actual results may differ from whatever is stated in the annual report.