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IIFL Securities in association with Spider Software India brings to you the best stock market decision-making software

TTIRIS provides every trader like you, the power to automatically track important market movements and analyze the market in real-time. Thereby, helping in consistently making the right trading decisions and making the most of day’s market.

IIFL TTIRIS has unique features to track Cash and F&O scrips helping you find the best opportunity in the market. It also offers advanced charting and comprehensive technical analysis tools. The charting quality and features are equally matched to the best charting software available globally today.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly, Intraday (any time duration) chart for NSE CM & NSE FUTURES.


Indicators can be extremely helpful in identifying momentum, trends, volatility, and other aspects of a security. But, it’s important to note that indicators work best when combined with other forms of technical analysis to maximize the odds of success.

Wide range of indicators comprising of various types of Averages, Bands, Momentum and Volume based Indicators available within TTIRIS.


Black Scholes Option calculator: This will give you Greeks values calculation with all options of annual interest, Implied volatility, strike price, and figures of Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega etc. It can be used to make the Option Strategies.

Multiple Market Summary and Market Query: These options are included to provide multiple view of Cash and Derivative(F&O) simultaneously.

Multiple Tick Query, Price Watch, Event Tracker and Technical Query: The momentum and Buy-Sell signals can be tracked simultaneously for Cash and Derivative.


Full-fledged user friendly Query module tracking all kind of Technical queries based on different time duration (Intraday, Daily, Weekly...) and different kind of breakouts with provided indicators.

  • Lets you search stocks that are matching your technical strategies.
  • Multiple conditions and multiple combinations are possible.
  • You can also load your Enhanced Query file in Strategy Testing


A well Optimized Strategy can create your base for automated trading

  • Creating the Strategy and Testing it on a group of scrips.
  • Study Optimization - Optimizing every Study Parameter for maximum profit.
  • Portfolio Optimization - See your strategies perform in real life situation.

That’s not all!

Get so much more on TT IRIS

Price Watch

This displays following details for a user selected group in a grid. The interface is similar to NEAT/BOLT and is color-coded for quick comprehension. Columns in Grid can be rearranged or hidden. Also, Price levels can be marked on the charts.

Bhav Copy

Get Bhav copy report of full exchange or group wise. And get All time and 52-week high law report in single click. You can find out those scripts which are nearer from all time and 52-week high law rate.

Candlestick Scanners

Candlesticks play an important role in technical analysis traders predict the market activity with the help of candlestick. They help user to scan the chart and find the patterns such as Doji, Hammer, Engulfing etc. in a single click

Market Tools

Support & Resistance plays a key role in the field of technical analysis. Tools like Retracement, Extensions, Price Channels, Andrew Pitchfork helps user to identify the support & resistance levels of the particular stocks.