• What are Derivatives?

    Investing is one of the best ways to utilise your personal disposable income.

  • Different Types of Derivatives

    As you begin investing your funds in a bid to generate higher returns and derive profitability, it is always best to know the options and instruments available to you.

  • What are Options in Derivatives?

    Trading, be it in stocks, commodities or any other financial market, can take place across a number of different platforms and in a number of different ways.

  • What are Futures Contracts and How Do They Work?

    A legal agreement involving the sale and purchase of a certain commodity, asset, or security at a predetermined price at some point in the future is known as a future contract.

  • What are Forward Contracts and How Do They Work?

    The business of trading in a financial market of any kind comes with its own set of particular rewards and risks.

  • What are Swaps?

    A derivatives contract can be broadly divided into the following general families.

  • What Is Call Option And How It Works?

    When you first begin investing, all the different terms that you are bound to make an acquaintance with will confuse you.

  • What Are Put Options And How It Works?

    From a third person’s perspective, investing seems to be a fairly simple thing to do with one’s surplus funds.

  • What are Over The Counter (OTC) Derivatives?

    To have an expertise in making investments, you need to be well-versed with the trading terminologies.

  • What Are Exchange-Traded Derivatives?

    If you are beginning your investment journey or are connected with the financial markets, you could have, on multiple occasions, derivative trading.

  • Difference Between Forward And Futures Contract

    If you want to create a robust investment portfolio, you should be aware of the important trading techniques and strategies.

  • Difference Between Swap And Option

    Derivatives are financial instruments that are aimed at managing risks inherent in any financial investments.

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