1. 1.Tell us something about you

  2. 2.How familiar are you with investment markets? *

  3. 3.How comfortable are you with putting your initial investment at risk to achieve a higher level of return? *

  4. 4.What are your preferred stock investments?

  5. 5.Which of the following illustrative portfolios you would be comfortable to invest in?*

  6. 6.What is the age of your family members?

  7. 7.Give percentage distribution of your monthly income


    Note- In case you earn Rs 100 per month and Rs 20 goes to household expenses, Rs 50 goes to EMI and Rs 30 goes to Savings, then the distribution would be Household- 20%, EMI- 50%, Savings 30%

  8. 8.Your monthly income *

  9. Your Insurance Cover & Financial Assets

    Market investments
    Fixed income