Fixed Income Products

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Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities

  • IIFL Securities is one of India's top brokerage houses & financial services companies.
  • Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities caters to the very unique & specific needs of some of the most valuable clients of the company.

Fixed Income Products - Generate superior fixed income returns

Key features of fixed income products

  • Our research team identifies Fixed Deposits (FDs) & other fixed income products such as bonds, that can give higher returns to customers.

Our unique value proposition

  • We cover a very wide universe of fixed income products.

  • Out of this universe, we recommend fixed income products that can give higher returns to our customers.

Benefits of fixed income products

  • FDs and Bonds provide diversification benefits to those who invest & trade in equity.


Why invest in the Fixed income recommendations of PCG of IIFL Securities?

Private Client Group (PCG) of IIFL Securities tracks a wide universe of Fixed Income products. From this universe, they recommend the investments that can give you the best returns, depending on your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Why invest in Fixed income products?

Fixed income products are usually less risky than other asset classes such as equity, real estate etc. Having fixed income products in your portfolio provides diversification benefits and may reduce the risk of your portfolio. They are good for investors who want a constant stream of income from their investments.

What are Fixed Income products?

Fixed income products give a constant, fixed stream of income while you are invested in them. Examples of fixed income products are interest-bearing fixed deposits, bonds, debentures etc.

Terms & Conditions

Investments in securities are subject to market risks. Please read all related documents carefully before investing. There is no guarantee or assurance that investment objectives will be achieved. IIFL does not guarantee any assured return on any investment recommendation.