You think you understand Union Budget?
Test yourself here.

Q.1 Who presents Union Budget?

Q. 2 What do direct taxes include?

Q. 3 If your annual taxable income is Rs 9 Lac, at what rate will you be paying taxes for the amount exceeding Rs 5 Lac?

Q. 4 Which of these is a measure of Inflation?

Q. 5 Which Bill / Policy regulates money supply in the economy?

Q. 6 Who manages Govt of India's Internal Debt (money owed to lenders within the country)?

Q. 7 What is fiscal deficit?

Q. 8 What fiscal deficit target has been announced in Union Budget 2017-18?

Q. 9 What is the interest rate on Sovereign Gold Bonds?

Q. 10 Why can’t Govt of India simply print as much money as it wants, and distribute it among citizens?

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