Have you faced a situation where you bought shares and the price is falling but the system is creating problems? Your orders may be going through but you are not getting confirmations. Alternatively, you may be unable to place orders because your internet connection is facing downtime or you are facing a power outage. Here, Call and trade come in handy.

In Incall and trade, an authorized trading account holder can identify with the appropriate authorization and place trades on phone at the call center of the broker. Most brokers operate a call and trade facility for such contingencies. The Call & Trade facility also comes in handy when the trader is not too computer savvy. Let us understand what call & trade is all about and how to go about placing orders incall & trade.


First and foremost, let us start with the Call and Trade meaning. If online trade is a boon to investors, then call and trade offers that much-needed backup support system wherein you can place orders and close trades in an emergency. In the call and trade facility, you just need to call the toll-free number of your broker and execute the order from then on giving proper instructions to the executive. This call & trade is especially useful when the internet is down or you are in an area where an internet facility is not available.

How to use the call & trade facility

Call & Trade is a facility that allows you to trade in the stock markets placing either buy or sell orders using your registered mobile phone or registered landline to automatically authenticate yourself. Normally, the call and trade facility is made available to online trading customers to handle downtime. Here are the steps in call and trade.

  • To place an order using a call and trade facility, call up the toll-free number provided by the broker from your registered number and authenticate yourself.
  • Once the authentication is done, you can place any buy order / sell order in equity or F&O market using the call and trade facility.
  • There are no limits to the usage of the call & trade facility except your trading margins available in the trading account. Even IPO applications are allowed through call & trade.
  • Normally, the call & trade is facilitated is chargeable service and the charges are fixed. However, based on your relationship and volumes, brokers normally waive such charges for high-value customers. That is at the discretion of the broker offering call & trade.
  • Normally, brokers tend to impose costs like Rs.10 to Rs.20 per call at the call & trade facility for regular customers, although it is waived for premium customers.
  • Normally, when you dial the call & trade facility, you will be automatically allotted a dealer for execution where you must first verify your identity and account details.
  • The call and trade facility is secure and safe as it is via a secured server and only post-authentication is trade allowed. This verification matrix reduces the risk of fraud.

Some of the key advantages of using a call and trade facility

  1. The call & trade facility can be accessed with just a phone and is very useful if you are in an area where internet access is patchy or wavering or there is no access.
  2. If you make a physical application for an IPO, it entails a lot of paperwork. You can avoid all this paperwork by resorting to the call and trade facility of the broker for IPOs.
  3. Incall and trade, you are charged for a call but there is no limit to the number of orders you place through one call.
  4. Like the online facility, the call and trade also give you confirmations, the status of orders, stage of order flow information, etc.


There are no fixed charges for call and trade facilities. Most brokers charge a modest fee of Rs.10 to Rs.25 per call made. There is no limit to the number of orders you place once you have made the call to the call center via the toll-free number. This flat fee will also be subject to GST charges. You can say it is a small price for a wonderful facility like call & trade.


A discount broker only offers execution while the full-service broker offers execution along with research, advice, financial planning, etc. The charges are higher for a full-service broker.

Frequently Asked Questions Expand All

Call and trade charges are based on your relationship with the broker. There is a basic call and trade charge on a per call basis. However, this call & trade amount will be waived in the case of premium customers.

Normally, call & trade does not entertain enquiries on limits and positions. Only buy / sell trade execution is entertained by call & trade.

Call and trade does not entertain queries on DP, pay-in and pay-out. For that you need to call the customer care. Only buy / sell trade execution is entertained by call and trade.