Lowest in OI: Futures
Instrument Type Underlying Exp.Date Last Price Chg (%) OI ('000s) OI Chg (%)
FUTSTK MRF 25-01-2018 69,696.00 [0] 0.02 [0]
FUTSTK EICHERMOT 25-01-2018 31,500.00 [0] 0.03 [0]
FUTSTK NESTLEIND 25-01-2018 7,740.00 [0] 0.20 [0]
FUTSTK SHREECEM 28-12-2017 18,203.10 1.69 0.25 25
FUTSTK BEML 25-01-2018 1,696.00 [0] 0.30 [0]
FUTSTK BALKRISIND 25-01-2018 2,109.85 [0] 0.40 [0]
FUTSTK OFSS 28-12-2017 3,650.80 [0] 0.45 [0]
FUTSTK AJANTPHARM 25-01-2018 1,205.00 [0] 0.50 [0]
FUTSTK CENTURYTEX 25-01-2018 1,383.45 [0] 0.55 [0]
FIIs trend in derivatives
Instruments Buy[Rs.Cr] Sell[Rs.Cr] Net Positions [Rs.Cr] Contracts ['000s] OI Value[Rs.Cr]
Index Futures 1,369.63 2,197.61 [827.98] 258.78 10,518.55
Index Options 10,515.80 9,607.38 908.42 1,493.47 60,433.08
Stock Futures 1,699.20 2,458.38 [759.18] 1,293.08 48,186.30
Stock Options 1,669.68 1,653.66 16.02 60.64 2,238.82

How to choose riders effective in your term insurance plan

India Infoline News Service Nov-19-2017

his is essential, especially for those riding two-wheelers. A good head-gear, vest, gloves and other safety gears not only makes the ride safe but also saves you in case of any sudden misfortune.

Top 10 things to consider for your retirement planning

India Infoline News Service Nov-18-2017

o make retirement easy going without any worries about finances you need to start early. Like they say The earlier the best. But in case you are little closer to your retirement and worry about how things would take course Its never too late, you can still start and compensate.

Aviation and Oil Marketing Stocks under pressure

India Infoline News Service Nov-18-2017

viations as well as oil marketing stocks were under stress in the current month (November 2017) on account of increase in crude oil prices.

5 Things to Know About e-Wallets

India Infoline News Service Nov-18-2017

-Wallets have benefitted greatly from the demonetization drive, with even roadside vendors accepting e-wallet payments.

10 things to follow while doing succession planning

India Infoline News Service Nov-18-2017

ou would agree that you were also once a beginner, you too did need some kind of orientation. Back then, your seniors, team leaders, managers guided you, taught you and even scolded you to teach you the nuances of the job.

NFO - HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund Series 1

India Infoline News Service Nov-18-2017

DFC Housing Opportunities Fund is a close ended thematic equity which will primarily invest in housing and allied businesses. The Housing and allied businesses include Real estate developers, Housing finance NBFC, construction, cement, paint, metal, consumer durable and other building materials.

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