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FIIs trend in derivatives
Instruments Buy[Rs.Cr] Sell[Rs.Cr] Net Positions [Rs.Cr] Contracts ['000s] OI Value[Rs.Cr]
Index Futures 1,369.63 2,197.61 [827.98] 258.78 10,518.55
Index Options 10,515.80 9,607.38 908.42 1,493.47 60,433.08
Stock Futures 1,699.20 2,458.38 [759.18] 1,293.08 48,186.30
Stock Options 1,669.68 1,653.66 16.02 60.64 2,238.82

How to use short-term bond funds to your advantage?

India Infoline News Service Dec-10-2017

Short-term bond funds invest in bonds for a shorter period of time i.e. less than five years. These generally invest in certificates of deposit, commercial paper etc.

How to make money using corporate bond funds?

India Infoline News Service Dec-10-2017

Corporate Bonds are also referred to as certificate of debt that is issued to the investors in exchange for their money they invest in the company.

How to increase your SIP amount periodically and its significance

India Infoline News Service Dec-10-2017

Increasing the SIP amount can be done based on the amount or on the percentage. This can even be capped beyond a certain point so that it doesnt exceed your budget.

News that mattered during the week

India Infoline News Service Dec-10-2017

Following are important news that made headlines.

Important events to watch out for next week

India Infoline News Service Dec-10-2017

Apart from domestic data all eyes will also be on the FED interest rate decision.

Nifty shuts above 21-DEMA, 10,320 immediate resistance

India Infoline News Service Dec-09-2017

Going forward, 25,510 is the crucial resistance while support is upgraded to 25,150 levels for Bank Nifty.

Indian Equities News

Is liquid fund a better alternative to savings account?

India Infoline News Service / 16:49, Dec 10, 2017

Liquid Fund is a type of Debt Mutual fund. It invests in instruments like treasury bills, certificate of deposits, commercial papers, government securities, inter-bank call money and term deposits.