Buzzing Stocks in NIFTY

Buzzing Stocks is a comprehensive summary of Bullish & Bearish stocks on various benchmarks such as 52 Week High / Low, Days High for the current market session, Stocks Crossing Previous Day High, Open 1.5% above Prev Day, Stock of the Hour, Stock of the Day, Stock of the Month, Stocks hitting Day Low, Stocks Crossing Previous Day Low, Stocks that Opened 3% Below Previous Day Open.

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Details Company CMP Prev. Close Chg (%)
52 Week High NA NA NA NA
Days High H P C L 423.35 414.95 2.02
Crossing Prev Day High Kotak Mah. Bank 1,014.90 1,000.40 1.45
Open 1.5% above Prev Day NA NA NA NA
Stock of the Hour Wipro 287.20 286.00 0.42
Stock of The Day H P C L 423.35 414.95 2.02
Stock of the Month Maruti Suzuki 9,120.65 8,109.20 12.47

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