Folio Number- Meaning, Benefits, How to Get Mutual Fund Folio Number

People get a bank account number, AADHAR number, PAN Card number, etc. These numbers are the identification of a person. Asset management companies also identify their investors with a folio number. People can look for their investments in funds and schemes with it. Let’s get to know more about folio number meaning, benefits, and how you can get folio number for mutual fund investment.

What is a Folio Number

Folio number is an important factor in mutual funds as it is an identification number that an asset management company gives to an investor. The number represents a person’s investments in a mutual fund. However, a folio number will be different when an investor invests in a different asset management company. When a person wants to start investing in a mutual funds’ company, they should not fill the folio number as they will get a new one. An investor can purchase many stocks in one mutual fund with the same folio number. One of the most important benefits of a folio number is that it helps people to track their investments easily. There is no restriction on folio numbers a person can have. However, it gets easy to track the investments if there aren’t many folio numbers.

Example of Mutual Fund Folio Number

An investor’s folio number will be different at a different fund house. For example, a person will get a folio number when they first invest in a scheme. However, the folio number will be different when the person invests in a new fund house. A folio number tracks a person’s investments. It reduces their efforts to record different numbers for their investments.

Folio Number Benefits

  • Tracks Investments

    People can track their investments with a folio number. It shows them their investments in an asset management company. A folio number also helps track an investment’s performance. A person can find the value of a fund. They can also track the losses and gains the fund has made. It also helps asset management companies to know about the record of an investor. Asset management companies can track how many times an investor has purchased or sold off their funds.

  • Investments in Units

    A folio number helps an investor know about the units they have in a fund. An investor can also find the units they own with different asset management companies. Mutual fund folio number helps the investor track the performance of the units. They can decide if they want to purchase units or sell them.

  • Offers an Investor’s Details

    Folio numbers also help asset management companies. While the number helps a person track their investments, it offers fund houses with an investor’s record. Asset management companies can find the purchase or sales of units made by a person. Also, it offers them the contact details of an investor.

How to get folio number

  • Consolidated Account Statements

    Consolidated account statements are statements that reflect a person’s investments. They show the investor in which scheme they have invested. Consolidated account statements reflect the amount of investment, the purchase price, and how many units a person owns. They offer other details such as folio number, contact details, etc. Consolidated account statements are offered once a month. If an investor wants to find their folio number, then the easiest way to get that is with consolidated account statements.

  • Mutual Fund Statements

    Asset management companies give the folio number to a person when they invest in a fund. They email and SMS different details to the investor. An investor can find a folio number in the details.

  • Website of the Asset Management Company

    Many people invest in mutual funds online with the website of an asset management company. There is no commission on online purchase or selling of funds. A folio number is offered on the e-statements.

Bottomline on Mutual Fund Folio Number

It is important for a person to remember their folio number as it helps them track their investments. A folio number also helps a person know their investments’ performance. Also, it is the identification of a person and shows their investment record.