Taurus Mutual Fund

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No of schemes : 31
Corpus under management : Rs. 408.6889 crs. (as on 30-Sep-2020)
Asset Date : 26-Oct-2020
Scheme Name 1m % 3m % 1y % 3y % Fund Size (Rs. Cr)
Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Fund (G) 2.46 10.07 14.05 3.45 54.21
Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund (G) 5.05 5.93 [2.63] [2.58] 201.29
Taurus Largecap Equity Fund (G) 6.18 7.09 0.16 0.43 24.45
Taurus Largecap Equity Fund (D) 6.16 7.09 0.15 0.41 24.45
Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Fund (D) 2.45 10.06 14.06 3.45 54.21
Taurus Starshare (Multi Cap) Fund (D) 5.03 5.93 [3.21] [3.48] 201.29
Taurus Tax Shield (G) 4.82 7.27 4.81 4.26 64.47
Taurus Tax Shield (D) 4.85 7.28 4.82 4.26 64.47
Taurus Banking & Financial Services Fund (G) 12.14 3.28 [13.02] 3.08 7.53
Taurus Banking & Financial Services Fund (D) 12.13 3.27 [12.95] 3.11 7.53
Taurus Nifty Index Fund (G) 7.18 6.88 4.23 6.35 1.06
Taurus Nifty Index Fund (D) 7.18 6.88 4.24 6.35 1.06
Taurus Infrastructure Fund (G) 3.48 2.85 [1.08] [1.38] 3.65
Taurus Infrastructure Fund (D) 3.52 2.90 [1.06] [1.41] 3.65
Taurus Ethical Fund - (G) 4 12.15 15.18 8.91 43.66
Taurus Ethical Fund - (D) 3.99 12.12 15.23 8.93 43.66
Taurus Ethical Fund - (B) 4 12.13 15.16 8.90 43.66
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Industrial Estate, Mahakali
Caves Road, Andheri-East, Mumbai-93.
305, Regent Chambers,
208, Jamanalal Bajaj Marg
Phone : 022-66242700 Phone : 22826598,22826599
Email : customercare@taurusmutualfund.com Email : queries@taurusmutualfund.com
Website : www.taurusmutualfund.com Website : www.taurusmutualfund.com
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India Infoline News Service/05:30, Jan 01, 1970

Balance funds are a mix of stocks and bonds which reflects a moderate approach. The primary goal of balanced funds is to create regular and stable income by investing in debt securities and invest a portion in equity for capital appreciation.


Nifty FMCG index on the verge of an Inverse H&S breakout

Daily chart analysis indicates that Nifty FMCG index is on the verge of an Inverse Head and Shoulder pattern breakout. A close above the 25270 mark will confirm the same.

Random Ramblings: Dont lose hope!

With strength in Oil & gas and pharma sector, the decline in Nifty has got arrested while broader index like CNX 500 is yet to confirm a bottom (though the selling pressure has stopped). Hence the composition of Nifty turns out to be better in assisting quick recovery and we feel that the stage is set for the key indices to surge higher towards 8,400.

Random Ramblings: Bulls defy Sell in May adage!

The old adage Sell in May seems to have been ignored largely in second half of the month as the market left behind the carnage of March & April. . A move above the downward sloping trendline (above 8,550) would prove to be icing on the cake and market looks poised to see further build up after the gains of May.

Random Ramblings - Are bulls coming back?

Strength of every market is judged on corrections. After Mondays turnaround it is important to observe that if the recovery turns out to be sluggish and market starts to give up gains, will it find support around 8,200 or not? As of now, it will act as a new support line for the bulls.

Random ramblings of a technical analyst

Barriers in life come and go but 8,350 is acting as a tough one since the third week of April. This consolidation at the bottom has taken shape of a bullish H&S pattern. A move above the same could result in reversal of the trend.

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