How to Check Mutual Fund Status with Folio Number?

One of the ways a person can earn higher returns is by investing in mutual funds. Many people go for mutual funds as they know they can increase the profits on their investments. However, it is important to track the performance of funds as it can help in higher returns. In such situations, an investor will need their folio number. A person can track their investments with a folio number.

Folio Number: An Overview

An asset management company gives a folio number. It is offered when a person first invests in an asset management company’s funds. A folio number is a unique identification of an investor. It helps a person track their investments. The number also helps asset management companies get knowledge about a person who wants to invest in their funds. However, a person will get different folio numbers when they invest in different asset management companies.

How to Check Mutual Fund Status with a Folio Number

Here are some ways a person can know how to check mutual fund status with folio number-

  • Get in touch with the asset management company

    An investor can call the asset management company to find the performance of funds. The person must provide details such as PAN card and folio number to the service provider. After that, the service provider can help the investor know about different funds and schemes. However, the person can only find details of the funds from that asset management company. If they have investments in different asset management companies, then they need to get in touch with their service providers.

  • Contact the broker

    Many people invest in mutual funds with a broker. In such situations, the broker can help people with the knowledge of their investments. They can track the performance of different funds of an investor as they have their folio number.

  • Online

    A lot of people invest in mutual funds online. There are some mutual fund sites such as Karvy, myCAMs, etc. that help an investor check mutual fund status with folio number. Investors need to register themselves at such sites to track the performance of their funds. To register, a person needs to provide their PAN card and mobile number.

  • Fund’s website

    A person can track the performance by visiting the website of the fund in which the investment is made. The investor needs to provide details such as mobile number, PAN card, and folio number to know about the performance of the fund.

However, many investors find it hard to track their folio number. There are different ways to find a folio number such as-

  • Consolidated Account Statements

    Consolidated account statements reflect the investment of a person in a fund as they show the investment amount, the price of the purchase, and the purchased units. An investor can find the mutual fund folio number on the consolidated account statements.

  • Mutual Fund Statements

    An asset management company offers the fund’s details to a person when they first make an investment. An investor gets an Email and SMS from the asset management company, and they can find the folio number in them.