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How much do I need to save?

Check how much you will need to save every month in order to reach a financial goal

Today it costs (Rs.)
Time frame to achieve my goal (years)
Current savings
Expected monthly savings
Return I earn on my savings (% p.a.)
Expected inflation (% p.a.)

Importance of receiving ITR-V acknowledgement

India Infoline News Service / 13:18, Dec 01, 2016

If you have filed your return online ‘without adding digital signature’, then the process of e-filing is not complete.

Reasons behind Mutual Fund’s deployment in bank stocks

others / 11:28, Jun 09, 2016

At present, bank stocks can be clearly demarcated into various cohorts depending on size, ownership and asset quality.

Read your CIBIL Report like a pro

CreditVidya / 20:57, Nov 23, 2015

Some simple tips can help you in a better understanding of your CIBIL report. We shall discuss the report component wise to understand it better.

Encash your house property for post-retirement income

India Infoline News Service / 21:28, Jun 21, 2015

The government launched the product in India some eight years back but it has failed to take off, even though it can be a novel way to help cash-strapped senior citizens, whose sources of income are limited.

Portfolio Turnover Ratio: how fund managers go about stock selection?

India Infoline News Service / 08:18, Jun 16, 2015

One must bear in mind, though, that PTR is not an assigned mandate, it only reflects the manager’s investment style.

Book Review

A Brief History of the Future: The origins of the internet

Sudhir Raikar / 17:03, Jan 05, 2015

Naughton is brilliant in the poignant case he makes for engineers, a largely unsung and invisible tribe which achieves the unthinkable and yet is invariably accorded a lowly status compared to actors, musicians, artists, athletes, doctors and scientists.