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What is Life Insurance?

Do I need life insurance?

Who Is an Insurance Broker?

Is there any other benefit of buying insurance other than the risk cover?

How much does life insurance cost?

How much do I insure myself for?

Can I buy insurance for my children too?

Are there any advantages of buying insurance at an early age?

Is there any policy with which I can plan for my retirement?

Is insurance better than other savings plan?

What is the Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)?

What is Term Insurance?

What is the difference between traditional life insurance and unit-linked life insurance?

What is the difference between “term” and “whole life” insurance?

I have a physical disability, but I am economically independent. Will it disable me from getting life insurance coverage?

Can my policy ever be cancelled due to health or other reasons?

Do all life insurance policies require a medical test?

Can I take policy on somebody else’s name? What is the procedure for this?

Does the insurance company disclose the investments made in each fund?

What is underwriting?

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