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for Intraday,
Futures & Options

AMC charges
for 1st year

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Why Trade With
IIFL Securities?

State-of-the-art trading
platforms and apps

Timely notifications and alerts, charts and analysis, research - all in one powerful trading platform.

Back your investments with
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Our easy-to-use trading platform is backed by professional insights and research helping you make a better decision.

Focus on the trades,
not the fees

No account opening charges, zero commission and Rs. 20 on intraday, F&O trades.

4 Easy Steps
To Open Your Demat Account

  • 1Apply for a Demat account onlineSubmit your name and mobile number in the Lead form to start your account opening process. We will call you back soon.
  • 2Submit the KYC details onlineTo register with the DP, complete your KYC easily in a few clicks. Submit a duly filled application form along with the copies of required identity proofs.
  • 3Get your documents verifiedAfter you submit your application form along with the KYC documents, you might have to be present in person at the DP’s office in order to verify the authenticity of the KYC.
  • 4Acquire Beneficiary Owner Identity (BOID)You will receive a unique Beneficiary Owner Identity, commonly known as BOID, upon the processing of the application at the DP.

Keep The Following Documents Ready
While Opening A Demat Account

Documents required for opening demat
  • Proof of identity (any)PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport
  • Proof of address (any)PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport
  • Proof of income (any)Income Tax Return, Salary Slips, Bank Account Statements, Form 16

All About
Demat Account

What is a Demat account?

Think of your Demat (dematerialization) account just like your bank savings account in function. In this account, you only hold securities and shares in dematerialized or electronic form instead of money. A Demat account allows you to initiate online trading with ease through a depository participant (DP).

Explore All
Investment Solutions

Diversify your portfolio by investing in stocks across industries. With our tools, charts, analysis and research - you can make a measured investment choice in stocks - with just a click.
Enjoy built-in diversity when you invest in mutual funds. Pick from a huge variety of funds and invest in large lump sums or smaller steady amounts over time.
The ultimate in diversifying your portfolio. Invest in shares of the biggest companies in the global market.

New To Investing?
We Got Your Back.

Easy. Simple.

With iServe, you can invest in multiple options like Stocks, MFs, - all in a jiffy.

Keep an eye
on your money.

Staying on top of all your investments is just a tap away with our detailed reports and summary.


Make the most of the markets with timely notifications and alerts on the app.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of accounts that can be opened with IIFL
Demat account Trading Account
What is Demat Account
A Demat or Dematerialised account is similar to a savings account in function only that you hold securities and shares in dematerialised or electronic form instead of money A Demat account allows you to initiate online trading with ease via a depository participant
Q.4.Do I have to be an IIFL Securities client to start referring?
You need to have an account with IIFL Securities to start referring.
Q.3. When can the referrer claim the reward?
The referrer has to claim the reward from the portal within 60 days from the date of credit of benefits.After 60 days, the benefits will lapse. The benefits will be credited after your referral successfully logs into the IIFL Markets App, trades & activates the account.
Q2.What is a successful referral?
From 1st November 2021 onwards, a referral is considered successful only if the referee i.e. the person who was referred by you, logs in to IIFL Market App within 7 days of Account opening and places trade with minimum value of Rs 1000 within 30 days of opening account with IIFL Securities
Q1.What rewards will the referrer and referee get?
The referrer will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 500 on every successful referral. The referee will get a free demat account with IIFL Securities.