Details of Nodal Officer appointed by the Company for the purpose of Rule 7(2A) of the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016:

Name of the Nodal Officer Email-id
Ms. Meghal Shah (Company Secretary)
FY Date Dividend (Rs) Face value (Rs)
FY 21-22 24-January-2022 3 2
FY 20-21 10-March-2021 1 2
FY19-20 07-Feb-2020 2 2
FY18-19 28-Jan-2019 15 10
FY17-18 30-Jan-2018 23 10
FY16-17 24-Jan-2017 19.75 10
FY15-16 28-Jan-2016 2.95 10
FY14-15 09-Sept-2014 6.75 10

*Note:Pursuant to approval of Scheme of Arrangement by NCLT, Mumbai Bench vide order dated March 07, 2019 and the Scheme effected from May 13, 2019, the face value of the Company is Rs. 2 per share.

Unpaid / Unclaimed Dividend Amounts