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    Just a single demat account lets you invest in equities, mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives and many more.

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    The IIFL Market App by IIFL Securities has been downloaded over 7 million times and is one of the industry's top-rated app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demat Account?

A Demat or dematerialisation account is similar to a savings account in function, only that you hold securities and shares in dematerialised or electronic form instead of money. A Demat account allows you to initiate online trading with ease via a depository participant (DP).

What are the different types of accounts that can be opened with IIFL?

  • Demat account​
  • Trading Account

In which segments can I open an account with IIFL?

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Commodity

Who can open a Trading and Demat account with IIFL?

  • Individual
  • Resident Individuals
  • NRIs
  • Minors (Only Demat account. As sole holder)
  • Non-individual
  • Corporate
  • Partnership firms (Demat account in the name of the Partners)
  • Registered/Unregistered trust (Demat account. In the name of the Trustees)
  • Registered/Unregistered society (Demat account. In the name of the Members)
  • Association of Persons (AOP)
  • FII/FPI (Only Trading Account)
  • Bank
  • Mutual funds
  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

What are the documents required for opening the account?

Proof of Identity (PAN with photograph mandatory)

Are you finding it difficult to manage all your investments? Here’s a foolproof way to seamlessly trade in all the investment options through one single platform! Presenting the IIFL all-in-one demat account. IIFL Securities helps you trade in multiple investment options through a single demat account. Choose from equities, mutual funds, currencies, IPOs, and derivatives and invest hassle-free through an all-in-one demat account and trading account.

When you open demat account with IIFL securities, you can conduct free equity delivery trades for a lifetime. Moreover, you can instantly open free demat account and online trading account with a few clicks. The AMC charges are also free! What’s more? You pay only Rs. 20 as brokerage per order for intraday and Futures & Options Trading.

Once you open online demat account and begin trading with IIFL Securities, you get access to the best-researched advice and tips.

Key features

Industry’s best research - IIFL’s award-winning research team offers the best stock and scheme recommendations for maximum profit booking.

Depository services - IIFL’s depository services make trading and investing convenient. Conduct purchase and sale transactions with ease and securely hold your investments with our all-in-one demat account

IIFL Markets App - Trade from anywhere and anytime with the easy-to-trade IIFL Markets App. Built with the best-in-class features and cutting-edge technology, it is sure to give the best trading experience to existing and new users. It also features an advanced dashboard and IIFL view so that you do not miss out on a major trade opportunity.

Trader terminal (TT Web) - This trading platform is for advanced as well as novice traders. It features a combination of world-renowned research and avant-garde technology to bring trading at your fingertips. IIFL Trader Terminal lets you view, analyse and execute trades at a lightning-fast speed.

Portfolio services - Our professional and skilled portfolio managers keep track of your investments and ensure that they are aligned with your financial goals.

To experience the best trading services, open demat account online now!

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