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Priority Relationship Management & Investment Advisory (PReMIA)

PReMIA is a multi-product, customized financial environment which aims to generate superior returns for IIFL's preferred clients, by investing across varied asset classes.

With PReMIA, you have access to a team that's vastly experienced and trained in different aspects of the stock market, assuring you a multi-faceted opinion for all your financial queries.

Adjudging your risk profile, setting investment goals, chalking out strategies to attain all long term and short term financial objectives are just a few of the duties that we take care of. Our dedicated relationship managers & investment advisors work tirelessly studying market, presenting new opportunities, evaluating and interpreting them so that you get the best of every opportunity.

Platinum class research, dedicated customer service teams coupled with easy access and complete account transparency make PReMIA a unique experience for all our Priority Clients.

Product Offerings

  • Equity
    We offer a bouquet of Equity offerings suitable for high traders...
  • Derivatives
    Extensive research coverage on strategies such as Hedging...
  • Mutual Funds
    A mixture of comprehensive coverage of all mutual fund offerings...
  • Structure Product
    Customized Structures offering unique combination of coupons...
  • Life Insurance
    IIFL -one of the largest insurance brokers presents its clients...


IIFL PReMIA provides the following services:

  • Dedicated Team
  • World-class Research made simple for our clients
  • Easy Access and Complete Account Transparency
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Top-of-the-line Dealing Desk
  • Customized Investment Strategies
Need Investment Advice?
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  • Trader

    Have questions related to your day trading activities, market swings, volatility, algorithms?

  • Portfolio Advisor

    Need advice on structuring of your portfolio?

  • Analyst

    Need advice on Macros, sectors, specific stocks?


IQ Series

IQ Series

At the core of any efficient investment advice lies superlative research capabilities.