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AAA “Advisor Anytime Anywhere” enables you to invest in Equity, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds/NCD, IPOs & Fixed Deposits while giving more features like SIP Basket, Goal Planner, Client Portfolio, Transfer your mutual funds to IIFL, Smart Save, etc.

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How AAA is better than any other such program for individuals?

The Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA) program of IIFL Securities is not just rich in features and favourable to the advisor,

August 11, 2021 16:48 IST

Start your own business with IIFL Securities through AAA

If you have got used to work-from-home or WFH as it is called, then there is one more lucrative option for you.

August 11, 2021 16:42 IST

All you wanted to know about Advisor Anywhere Anytime (AAA)

With AAA (Advisor Anywhere Anytime) you can join the IIFL Securities advisory platform and add value to your network of contacts.

August 11, 2021 16:32 IST

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Ans: Just fill the form at the top of the screen and an IIFL representative will get back to you

Ans: AAA is available on mobile app, website and an exclusive TAB

One needs to pass the NISM certification exam for research analysts or investment advisors if one intends to become an independent financial advisor in the area of equities or other financial assets.

An IFA needs to have an office space. From this office space, the IFA can run the advisory business and meet the clients. The IFA also needs some degree of Information Technology infrastructure such as personal computers and internet connection. The number of employees that the business needs depends on the scale of the business. The fixed costs of setting up an IFA business is not high. Its operational or running costs depend on the scale of the business. Overall, it is not a capital-intensive business. It is more of an intellectual capabilities-intensive business.

To become an IFA in India you need to meet the requirements under SEBI Investment Advisors Regulation, 2013. These include passing the certification exam of NISM on financial planning, fund or asset management or portfolio management, or investment advisory services. You can register for these exams at this link: You may also need some experience at a fund advisory firm so that you acquire the required competency needed for giving sound advice to your clients. Once you have passed the NISM certification exam, you can get registered with SEBI. Then you can start your IFA business.

As an IFA, you can help your clients make better financial and investment decisions. You earn revenues from the advice that you give to the clients. If you are also making investment decisions on behalf of the clients and managing their funds or assets, then you charge a percentage of Assets under Management (AuM) as your management fee. This management fee is usually between 1% – 2% of the AuM. So larger the AuM, the more will be your management fee. In case you achieve certain predetermined benchmarks for the returns that you generate on the AuM, you also get a percentage of profits from the returns generated, as a performance fee.