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Equity Advisory and Role of Equity Advisor

There is a good reason behind why the stock markets around the world continue to stand the test of time. It is because as an asset class, equity stands unchallenged both for investors looking for long term as well as short term gains.

However, like all financial markets, the stock market is as full of opportunities as it is of challenges. While some might boast of huge profit margins from their investments, others might not have a similar story to tell. The key difference between these two situations ultimately boils down to which one of them made the more keen and apt judgment. But without an expertise in the market, how would you make the right judgment? This is where equity advisory and stock market advisors come in.

What is Equity Advisory?

  • As mentioned before, the stock market is ripe with opportunities. At any given day, you will find that thousands of companies are listed on stock exchanges, with each of them offering their own unique set of risks, benefits and potential. As an investor in the stock market, whether new or seasoned, it can often be difficult to scope out the opportunities that best meet your investment criteria and offer up the returns you specifically require.

    That is why investors often seek out assistance from expert professionals known as equity advisors to guide them in the right direction when it comes to the scope of the stock market. These services are known as equity advisory services and are offered by expert stock market advisors who have the skill, expertise and experience required to help investors identify opportunities that best suit their goals and portfolio.

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How Does an Equity Advisor Help?

Equity advisors are professionals trained to help investors make the right stock market decisions in return for a fee. However, it leads some to wonder if equity advisory is a worthwhile expenditure when you could just invest in the stocks of your choice yourself. This is a valid doubt, but here are the several ways in which having an equity investments advisor can make all the difference in your stock decisions:

  • Offers Objective Advice: When you find your friends and family members making certain stock decisions and recommending them, it can seem natural to follow the lead. However, these recommendations may not necessarily be founded on expertise or specific knowledge of the market. An equity advisor, on the other hand, only offers recommendations based on your specific portfolio and your predetermined investment goals. Moreover, an equity investment advisor can also offer you objective advice on whether the recommendations from your social circle holds water or not, helping you avoid any potential pitfalls.

  • Helps Construct Portfolio: One can often find investors who end up with an incongruent portfolio after making several individual investment choices rather than looking at them as a whole. This is because portfolios need to be constructed with care and a keen eye for analysing risk, profit potential and diversification as per your investment objectives. Stock markets advisors come with the experience and intuition needed for picking out the right stock opportunities and constructing the ideal portfolios for their clients.

  • Brings Market Research: No matter how much an investor might delve deep into the stock market, there will always be some gaps to his knowledge. As the demands of a job and daily responsibilities take up the day, there is little time to spare for extensive market analysis. A stock market advisor, on the other hand, stays entirely attuned to stock market news, has insights into the market unmatched by non-experts and typically has years of market experience behind him. The advice offered by an equity advisor is therefore, as credible as it can get.

  • Plans Investments For The Long-Term: A common misconception among new investors in the stock market is that the key to making a big amount of money quickly is to pull in and out of the market with the right opportunity. However, that is far from the truth as several investors in the market make their fortune through long-term investments. Their key is patience and the knowledge of which long-term investments are worth investing and how long they should be invested in. These insights are best offered by an equity investment advisor.


Delving into stock market investments for opportunities is a good idea, but only if it is accompanied with prudent advice and extensive market research. This is offered in spades by equity investments advisors, who offer expertise, experience and are authorized by SEBI, the Indian regulatory body for exchange of securities.

As is the case with bringing on board any kind of professional, however, it is important to ensure that your equity investment advisor has a good reputation and belongs to a reliable institution. To that end, you can reach out to an institution like IIFL Partners to find the best equity advisors in the market.

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