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How to set up a share market franchise?

Starting a sub-broker franchise exposes you to unlimited earnings by catering to all the stock investing needs of the clients. To set up this franchise, you can join a sub-broker partner program of a registered stockbroker to leverage its financial resources, brand, investing platforms and all the offered financial products. 

Once you have partnered with a registered stockbroker to start the franchise in the share market, you can effectively assist your clients in making successful stock market investments. The goodwill and the effective financial resources of the stockbroker will also help you to onboard new clients and expand your franchise over time.


How does a Share Market Franchise work?
When you become a sub-broker, you are responsible for allocating products and services to the clients in all segments such as equity, currency, commodity, future and options, etc. When the client places an order with your franchise, the sub-broker uses the resources of the stockbroker to place the order on the client’s behalf. 

Once the transaction is successfully executed, the client pays a commission called brokerage for the rendered services based on the value of the transaction. The commission is shared based on a predefined percentage between the franchisor (stockbroker) and the franchisee (your franchise)

Hence, a “sub-broker” is similar to an agent that sets the investors and is not a stock exchange trading participant but assists them in dealing with shares on their behalf. The franchisor allows the franchisee to leverage all its resources while the franchisee acquires new customers and assists them in making stock market investments.

Benefits of Opening a Share Market Franchise

Here is how you can benefit from opening such a franchise:

  • Share of High Sales: The sub-broker retains a high percentage as brokerage. Furthermore, there is no maximum cap on how much brokerage a sub-broker can earn.

  • Low Investment: You can start a share market franchise in India with a relatively low investment amount. The fee to register with SEBI and various stock exchanges are also affordable.

  • Marketing and Training Support: The franchisor also supports the sub-broker with marketing assistance, such as supplying posters, flyers, and branch hoardings. They also arrange workshops to educate their broker partners on various aspects of the franchise business.

  • Market Trends: Some franchisers also provide their sub-brokers with guidance, investing tips & suggestions to help benefit their clients and ensure the expansion of the franchise business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Yes, you can become a sub-broker with IIFL by joining the IIFL Sub-broker program. The company provides execution, guidance, and research service across products like equity, F&O, Commodity & Currency, and Mutual Funds.

Ans: When you start a stock market franchise with IIFL, you get benefits such as 70% brokerage share, personal assistance, personalised branding, investor awareness, cutting-edge technology platform and risk management systems.

Ans: To open such a franchise, you will need:  
  • A good track record and client base in the financial circuit.

  • Experience is not compulsory (freshers can apply too) in selling financial products as a Member Broker /Sub-broker, Remissier, Mutual Fund distributor, Insurance advisor, Financial Planner or an Employee of a Broker/Sub-Broker.