Portfolio Management Services

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What are Portfolio Management Services?

It is a customised financial service offered by experienced and knowledgeable portfolio managers to provide the desired returns on your investments with a preferred risk profile. Portfolio Management Services in India are offered by various stock broking houses like IIFL for investors who are not well-versed in identifying high-growth potential stocks and managing risk based on the investment decisions taken. Best Portfolio Management Services create an investment portfolio that includes a mix of various investment instruments across different asset classes such as equities, debt, structured products and cash to provide healthy diversification and better results. They are often suitable for High-Net-Worth Individuals who want to invest a large sum of money in the financial market to achieve their set financial goals. The portfolio manager executes PMS strategies by performing extensive market research and analysing the client’s financial goals by creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Best Portfolio Management Services also analyse and manage other aspects related to the investments such as monetary transactions, tax applicability, time horizon, liquidity etc.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Services: Is it a good investment?

When you invest in the service, you can realise the following benefits:
  • Highest possible rate of return on investments
  • Uninterrupted focus on achieving the set financial goals
  • Effective execution of identified trades
  • Investments at par with investor’s risk profile
  • Expert oversight and adjustment of executed trades

Advantages of IIFL’s Portfolio Management Services

  • Invest in financial instruments with the highest profit potential
  • Tried and true PMS Strategies for effective investment
  • Constant controlling and management of investments
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Real-time data-backed research reports for informed investments
  • Flexible payment structure with no hidden costs
  • Minimum investment of Rs 25 lakh
  • Balanced Risk and Reward for all the invested capital

Why Invest through IIFL Securities?

  • Expert portfolio managers that lead informed investment decisions.  
  • Industry-best historical rate of return on invested capital.  
  • Investor-oriented and customised strategies.  
  • Utmost transparency in the investment process.  
  • Attractive fee structure to make the most of the earned profits.  


Ans: If you are a High-Net-Worth Individual, you can hire a portfolio manager to ensure your invested capital provides you with the highest rate of return without you having to monitor the investments.

Ans: This service by IIFL is designed to offer the best investment services to HNIs and has a track record of offering the highest returns on investments.

Ans: Yes, as it is with all the market-linked investments, they also include a certain amount of risk. However, the risk is effectively managed by the portfolio manager.