Value Added Services by an Authorised Person

In finance trading, authorized persons hold significant value as they offer a variety of services going beyond basic trade functions. These additional offerings cater to various needs and enhance the overall journey for traders. This article looks at the various value added services authorised person can provide to assist traders in understanding and managing the intricate aspects of financial markets.

Key Takeaways

  • Authorised persons provide advanced trading platforms with real-time data and sophisticated tools for enhanced trading

  • Offline trading features, such as personalised assistance and dedicated terminals, cater to diverse preferences and limited internet access.

  • Portfolio Management authorised person services include personalised advice, risk management strategies, and regular reviews for optimised performance.

  • Direct access to market experts through webinars and events organised by authorised persons empowers traders with insightful strategies beyond typical research.

Introduce Trading Platforms and Tools

Trading platforms and tools hold great importance for traders as they begin their operations in financial markets. Authorised persons excel at showcasing advanced platforms that offer more than mere basic trading activities. The platforms are thoughtfully constructed to provide users with market information instantly, sophisticated tools for chart analysis, and seamless execution of trade orders.

Modern trading instruments provide clients with a benefit in navigating complex financial markets. These platforms often include features like technical analysis tools, customisable interfaces, and risk management options.

These platforms accommodate diverse styles of trading, including quick daily trades or strategies for investing over a longer period, matching the distinct preferences of every customer. The extensive selection of tools enhances both the rapidity and efficiency of executing trades and makes the entire activity more engaging and interesting for those who trade. Essentially, when authorised persons introduce robust platforms and tools for trading, it demonstrates their commitment to providing clients with what they need to prosper in the evolving financial market.

Introduce Offline Trading Features

Authorised persons understand traders have various preferences, so they introduce significant trading features that work offline. These are beneficial for persons who lack consistent internet access or prefer traditional trading methods.

A big advantage of not being online is receiving personalised assistance over the phone. This direct communication method allows customers to execute trades, seek advice, and resolve problems without the requirement of an internet connection. When authorised persons offer a dedicated phone line or direct telephone assistance, they ensure customers have access to support whenever required, fostering a more personal and supportive trading environment.

Furthermore, authorised person services include unique trading terminals for customers who prefer not to rely on the internet. These clients have the ability to place trade requests, monitor market fluctuations, and manage their portfolios of investments using these terminals without requiring an internet link. Offline access enables traders to participate in the markets even when there is a weak internet connection.

Streamline Portfolio Management

Authorised persons play a significant role in enhancing the trading process as they contribute not only by executing trades but also by aiding in portfolio management. Recognising that proficient management of portfolios is essential for navigating volatile markets, these professionals simplify the task for their clients

Portfolio management value added services authorised person are dedicated to providing personalised advice for investments. Authorised persons apply their expertise to recommend investment options that align with the financial goals of clients and their capacity for risk tolerance. This customised approach ensures that clients possess the essential information needed to decide in line with their personal investment targets.

Managing a portfolio requires having risk management plans. Authorised persons assist clients in forming strategies to decrease potential risks, perhaps through diversifying investments, making decisions on asset distribution or employing various techniques for risk minimisation. They perform regular examinations of the portfolio to understand its performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and adjust strategies according to market movements.

This goes beyond just carrying out trades and creates an enduring relationship focused on achieving and keeping financial prosperity. Authorised persons show strong dedication to providing complete and useful services, as they work hard to improve portfolio management while the financial environment keeps changing.

Easy Access to Market Experts

Simplifying the way people can contact experts in trading is an important part of what authorised persons do. When clients have direct conversations with those who understand financial markets well, it helps them trade better.

Authorised person services include the formation of networks with experts across various sectors, such as market researchers and economists. These proficient persons offer significant insights, in-depth analyses of the markets, and strategies that go beyond typical market research findings. Customers benefit from the firsthand knowledge and experience these experts offer, aiding them in comprehending market trends and potential investment opportunities more clearly.

Moreover, authorised persons often organise workshops on the Internet, meetings in person or unique events where clients can have direct conversations with specialists in the industry. Such events provide an opportunity for clients to ask questions, seek advice and engage in discussions about the present state of the market. This makes people feel united and promotes awareness, allowing clients to make better decisions on their trading journey.

Introduce Refer a Friend

Authorised persons have the opportunity to enhance their value added services authorised person by initiating a “Refer a Friend” program, which leverages the power of personal referrals. The strategy encourages existing users to invite new traders to the platform, with both parties gaining advantages. When a user refers someone else, they receive rewards such as reduced trading fees, access to educational content or other special benefits. The ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme helps to increase the number of customers for the authorised person and also creates a sense of unity among traders. This program aims to take advantage of current clients’ trust and satisfaction, turning them into advocates and solidifying the status of the authorised person as a trustworthy partner in financial journeys.

Provide Online Support

In the world of finance, having support when it’s needed is crucial. Authorised persons can distinguish themselves by providing assistance online. This offers fast-response customer service, provides live chat support and includes a query resolution session. By ensuring that assistance is provided promptly and effectively, authorised persons enhance the general satisfaction of customers. This makes customers trust and stay loyal to them.

In Conclusion

Authorised persons offer more than just a platform for executing trades. The value added services authorised person can significantly impact the trading journey of their clients. From advanced trading platforms and offline features to expert insights and referral programs, these services cater to a wide range of trader needs. By staying attuned to market trends and client preferences, authorised persons can continue to evolve their offerings, ensuring a comprehensive and enriched trading experience for their clients.


Ans: Authorised persons provide advanced platforms with real-time data, advanced charts, and seamless order execution capabilities.

Ans: You can use personalised assistance through phone calls or dedicated trading terminals provided by authorised persons.

Ans: They provide personalised investment advice, risk management strategies, and regular portfolio reviews for optimised performance.

Ans: Attend webinars, seminars, or exclusive events organised by authorised persons for direct interaction with industry experts.

Ans: Enjoy discounts on trading fees, exclusive access to educational resources, or personalised perks for referring friends to the platform.

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