About TT Edge


Quick view on top 500 stocks by IIFL research team

Custom Watchlist

Multiple watchlist in cash and F&O segment

Advanced UI

Intuitive platform for faster navigation

In-depth Analytics

Detailed trade, market analysis for informed decisions

TT Edge is a next generation trading terminal that enables you to become a smarter and informed investor through real time position build-up, company news, IIFL views, alerts, etc

With ease of navigation, lightning fast speed, superior charting and analytics capabilities of this trading terminal, you will never miss any trading opportunities.

Why TT Edge?

TT Edge is loaded with multiple features that will take your trading to a new level and help you become a smarter investor.


Experience fast and intuitive user interface to make speedy investment decisions
Become a better investor through informed decision making by trading on TT Edge
Scrutinize your portfolio for best, worst performers and volatility in real time
Receive real time news from millions of sources, corporate announcements at your finger tips
Compare the company's performance with peers on all critical parameters
Build up investment strategy based on your risk profile
Make informed trading decisions through recommendations from IIFL and other top brokerages and analysts