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  • The new buzzword – Bitcoin
    by Ritesh Patel January 20, 2018 17:43 IST

    The world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is widely known as a money-making machine as an investment in it multiplies in a few months or at times, within weeks. Last year, Bitcoin soared by as much as 190 times, making its owners millionaires.

  • What causes the major price moves and trends?
    by Ritesh Patel January 13, 2018 16:55 IST

    Price moves can be for many weeks, months or even years, creating a bull market. Similarly, they can also move down, creating a bear market.

  • Why should investors lower their expectation from market in 2018?
    by Jitender Singh January 05, 2018 18:32 IST

    In 2017, Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks outshined the Large-cap stocks. BSE Mid-cap and BSE Small-cap gave magnificent ~48% and ~60% returns in 2017 respectively.

  • Insiders are bullish when market is bearish, in these 2 stocks
    by Jayesh Bhanushali December 16, 2017 08:30 IST

    Insider trade is an important parameter tracked to gauge a stock’s performance. It becomes a critical factor especially when the promoters of the company indulge in either buying or selling the stock in the market. On tracking this factor, two stocks managed to stand out in our analysis wherein the promoters have been acquiring shares on a regular basis since last two months.

  • Nifty Outlook: Ahead of Gujarat Poll Results
    by Raushan Kumar December 13, 2017 15:54 IST

    As the importance of Gujarat poll results stems from the perception that the government's policies in the coming months (budget and other) would depend on the outcome. Exit poll results will be out on Thursday evening, and the actual results will be announced December 18.

  • How to identify range bound market?
    by Manish Batwara November 26, 2017 08:27 IST

    The range-bound movement usually occurs at the end of a large move as the bulls and the bears fight over the direction of the next move.

  • Which is your trading time-frame?
    by Jayesh Bhanushali November 18, 2017 08:40 IST

    Timeframes are an extremely significant component that a trader is required to focus on. Traders are broadly classified based on the timeframe they trade in .The trading strategy of a trader is also interlinked to the timeframe in which he trades.

  • Options: What is ATM, ITM, OTM?
    by Jayesh Bhanushali November 07, 2017 12:38 IST

    The difference between underlying securities current spot price and strike price represents the profit/loss that the trader makes upon sale or exercise of the option.

  • Markets at life-time high: A technique that traders should not miss out
    by Jayesh Bhanushali October 19, 2017 09:30 IST

    Higher top higher bottom or lower top lower bottom is the most significant principle of Dow Theory. In lay-man terms it says that you should never exit your long positions in an underline asset if the asset is making higher highs with higher lows in a bull market or vice-versa.

  • What’s in the name?
    by Jayesh Bhanushali October 13, 2017 09:11 IST

    Investors tend to build a preconceived notion that since Tata Teleservices is from such a well know organization it is safe to place their bets on this stock.