Credit Card EMI Calculator

Monthly EMI
₹ 19,566

Principal Amount
 ₹ 1,000,000

Total Interest
₹ 173,960

Total Amount
 ₹ 1,173,960

Loan Amount

₹ 100000
₹ 1 Cr

Rate of Interest(p.a)

1 %
30 %

Loan Tenure

1 Yrs
30 Yrs

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Credit Card EMI Calculator

A credit card can be extremely useful, allowing you to make purchases and pay for them over time. However, credit cards also come with interest charges, which can add up quickly if you need to be more careful. This is where a credit card EMI calculator comes in handy.

A credit card EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) calculator is an online tool that allows you to figure out your monthly payments and total interest costs when making a big purchase on your credit card. An EMI calculator can help you determine if you can afford a large purchase and make an informed decision before swiping your card.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to calculate credit card interest.

What is a Credit Card EMI Calculator?

A credit card EMI calculator is an online tool to calculate your equated monthly installments (EMIs) and total interest charges for big-ticket purchases made on your credit card.

Here's an example of how it works:

Let's say you want to buy a laptop worth ₹60,000 on your credit card. The EMI calculator asks you to input the purchase amount, interest rate, and tenure details. Based on these inputs, it calculates and shows your monthly EMI amount and the total interest you would pay over the repayment period.

EMI calculators are available on most major bank websites or can be found through a simple Google search. They help you understand the repayment structure and your budget better.

How to Use a Credit Card Interest Calculator

Using a credit card EMI calculator is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit your credit card issuer's website or search online for a credit card EMI calculator.

Step 2: Enter the purchase amount you wish to make. For example, ₹60,000 for a laptop.

Step 3: Input your outstanding credit card balance, if any.

Step 4: Select your credit card type and enter the interest rate applicable. This is usually available on your credit card statement.

Step 5: Choose your desired repayment tenure. Common tenures offered are 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

Step 6: Click Calculate.

The EMI calculator will instantly show your monthly EMI amount, total interest payable, and total repayment amount.

For example, for a ₹60,000 purchase over 12 months at an interest rate of 18% p.a., your monthly EMI would be ₹5,311, and the total interest payable would be ₹7,733.

Review the details carefully before making your purchase decision. You can play around with different loan tenures and purchase amounts to determine the best EMI option for your budget.

How Does Credit Card Interest Calculator Help You?

Using a credit card calculator has many benefits:

  • Gives clarity on repayment terms - You can see the EMI amount, tenure, interest charges, etc., before swiping your credit card. There are no surprises later.
  • Helps compare scenarios - You can use the credit card calculator to compare scenarios for different purchase amounts, interest rates, and loan periods. This helps make an informed decision.
  • Aids financial planning - The EMI calculator output lets you know your cash outflow month-on-month. You can plan your finances better to ensure you can service the EMI comfortably.
  • Lets you avoid over-leveraging - The calculator gives you a reality check on your repayment capacity. This prevents taking on debt beyond your means.
  • Saves on interest costs - Using the calculator, you can optimize your purchase amount and loan tenure to lower your interest outgo. The longer the loan tenure, the higher the total interest outgo.

How to Calculate Credit Card Interest Manually

While EMI calculators make things easy, they may also help to understand manual interest calculations. Here is how credit card interest is calculated:

  • Credit card companies charge interest every month, not annually. So, the annual rate has to be converted to a monthly rate. For example, 18% p.a. works out to 1.5% per month.
  • Interest calculation is based on the outstanding balance on your card at the end of each billing cycle. This balance includes fresh purchases plus any balance carried forward from previous cycles.
  • There is an interest-free grace period for fresh purchases within the billing cycle. Interest is charged only if the current bill is not repaid by the payment due date.
  • Interest is charged from the transaction date for outstanding carried forward from the previous cycle.
  • Interest amount for the billing period is calculated by average daily balance x no. of days in cycle x monthly interest rate.
  • This interest is added to your overall outstanding. If you only pay the minimum due, it will add to your balance carried forward.

While it involves a few steps, calculating credit card interest manually is simple. Of course, using online EMI calculators is a lot more convenient!

Advantages of Credit Card EMI Calculator

Some valuable advantages of using a credit card limit calculator are:

  • It is fast and simple to use. Just input a few details to get instant results.
  • Helps in financial planning for large purchases and payments over several months.
  • Lets you compare interest charges and EMIs across different products, brands, and retailers. Useful tool for managing personal finances and avoiding debt traps.
  • Available for free, mostly on bank/lender websites and financial portals.
  • Can be used to plan payments for appliances, gadgets, vacations, or any other high-value shopping.
  • Outputs give clarity on cash outflows month-on-month for the selected repayment tenure.
  • Useful for comparing financing options like personal loans, card-based EMIs, etc.


A credit card EMI calculator is your best friend when making big-ticket purchases on your credit card. Avoid impulsive swipes and use the calculator to take informed financing decisions that align with your budget and repayment capacity. Be sure to read all terms and conditions carefully as well. Use the credit card interest rate calculator regularly to manage your credit card better spends and avoid unnecessary interest charges.


Q1. Can I get a credit card EMI without interest?

Most credit card companies offer interest-free EMIs for a limited tenure, usually 3-6 months. This promotional offer is available on select brands or products. You can check if any ongoing zero-interest EMI offers are available on your card.

Q2. What is the minimum amount for credit card EMI?

Credit card companies normally allow EMI conversions only above a minimum amount, usually ₹5,000-₹10,000. You may have to make full payment by the due date for lower amounts.

Q3. What is the maximum tenure for credit card EMI?

Most credit cards allow EMI conversion tenures between 6 months to 24 months. Some premium cards offer longer tenures, too, but shorter tenures are advisable to limit interest outgo.

Q4. Can I foreclose a credit card EMI earlier?

Yes, most credit cards allow you to foreclose your EMI and make full early repayment anytime. Some banks charge a small foreclosure fee, so check with your provider.

Q5. Will my credit limit reduce after getting an EMI on credit card?

Yes, converting a purchase into EMI blocks that portion of your credit limit until the loan is repaid. However, as you service EMIs month-on-month, your limit gets replenished.