SIP Calculator: Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

Calculate your expected returns below by entering the amount you want to invest, tenure of investment, and the expected rate of return

per month
500 1 Lakh
6 months 480 months
6% 35%

Expected SIP Returns


What is SIP calculator?

SIP Calculator helps you calculate the expected amount and wealth gained for your periodic SIP investment at the end of the tenure of your monthly/quarterly SIP. This amount is calculated based on an expected rate of return. This calculator shows how small investments made over a longer period of time would yield high returns.

How does SIP Calculator Work?

Suppose you start SIP of 10,000 per month for 1 year. Every SIP of 10,000 at the start of the month is considered as
fresh investment. Assume expected return is 12%pa

First SIP of 10,000 made on 1 Jan would give following return
10,000*(1+12%/12)^12 = 11,268

Second SIP of 10,000 made on 1st Feb would give following return
10,000*(1+12%/12)^11 = 11,157

Twelfth SIP of 10,000 made on 1st Dec would give return of
10,000*(1+12%/12)^1 = 10,100

We have returns from 12 separate investments and adding all them we get expected amount at the end of the 1 year as 1,28,093

Amount Invested = No of Months * SIP amount

Amount invested in above case would be 1,20,000

Wealth gain = Expected amount - Amount invested
Wealth gain in above case would be 8,093

Benefits of Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

Disciplined Investment

Disciplined Investment

SIP in Mutual Funds help indisciplined investing on regularintervals and create wealth throughSIP with small investments.

Avoid Market Volatility

Avoid Market Volatility

No need to worry about the right time to enter markets. Amount is invested in market on monthly basis, hence the impact of market volatility is averaged out.

Convenient and Automated

Convenient & Automated

Start SIP with as small as 500, making it convenient for investment.Track your investments easily, any time and anywhere throughour website and app.



SIP gives you flexible approach of changing investment amount/cancelling SIP/changing tenure of SIP.