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What is the Real Rate of Return?

Companies earn in every financial year. But, most investors are oblivious to the real value earned on the investment made.

What are Forfeited Shares?

The term forfeited share was first used in the 1930s and commonly refers to the number of shares left unclaimed by shareholders who decide not to keep their stock and instead,

Candlestick wick analysis

The term candlestick wick analysis refers to analysing wicks on candlesticks, which are used to gauge trends in the financial markets by comparing them to previous candlesticks.

Can I Short Sell Delivery Trading

Before we understand short selling in delivery, let us spend a moment understanding the rolling settlement system in India. Indian markets currently operate on T+2 rolling system. That means if you buy or sell a stock in the morning and do not square off before the end of trade on the same day, then it compulsorily goes into delivery

What is the Spearman Indicator?

Range trading is used when there is no particular trend prevailing in the market. It is when market movements constantly occur between two price levels for a certain time. This can be used for all time frames from five-minute charts to daily and monthly charts.

What is a Super Trend Indicator?

The Super Trend Indicator combines 10 different tools into one simple indicator that can track up to 200 stocks at once with an astonishing level of precision and reliability.

Lagging Vs. Leading Indicators

Investors often use technical indicators for stock trading which are a part of technical analysis.

What is P/B Ratio?

When choosing your smartphone, you compare brands online on various websites, shopping sites for different features like processor, camera, screen. etc.

What is Range Trading?

Investors and traders employ numerous strategies based on their risk appetite, reward expectations, objectives and outlook. Range trading is one such strategy that is employed by experienced traders. Let’s discuss the concept of range trading, related strategies, the risk involved and limitations.

Williams %R Indicator

The Williams %R Indicator can be very useful for even entry-level investors in deciding when to enter and exit a commodity or security based on the current pricing of securities as compared to the “correct” price or “real” value of the security.

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