List of Arbitrage Articles


What are the risks involved in Arbitrage?

In the media or news, there are always reports about one company being merged or bought by another rival company. Mergers and acquisitions are a fundamental part of a company’s business cycle.

What is Spatial Arbitrage?

Various assets are traded in high volume across different exchanges in India. However, due to market inefficiencies and differential demand-supply

Who is an Arbitrageur?

The arbitrageur in stock market is a very critical link between asset prices and helps to equalize them across markets or at least synchronize the prices.

Types of Arbitrage

Macro arbitrage is quite popular among arbitrage traders, especially higher risk players like hedge funds. Arbitrage trading is not just about cash-futures or exchange to exchange trading.

What is Reverse Cash and Carry Arbitrage?

Reverse cash and carry arbitrage happens when the futures is at a discount to the spot price and is attractive even after you consider the cost of carry.

What is Index Arbitrage?

Cash futures is quite simple. Reliance is trading at Rs.2100 in the cash market and at Rs.2118 in the 1-month futures. You buy Reliance in cash equivalent to the lot size and sell one lot of Reliance futures.

What are Different Arbitrage Strategies Used?

Arbitrage strategies are risk-free strategies to capitalize on price discrepancies. Here we look at different types of arbitrage trading strategies and the types of arbitrage strategies.

How does Arbitrage Work?

At a conceptual level, arbitrage is the anomalies in pricing. In the good old days of the NSE and BSE, there used be huge price differences between the two exchanges and even with the regional exchanges.

What is Arbitrage?

One of the most common activity in the stock market is arbitrage. Let us first understand what is arbitrage and the actual arbitrage definition.

What are the Benefits of Arbitrage?

Before getting down to understanding the advantages of arbitrage, let us spend a moment understanding arbitrage at a conceptual level.