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What Is Home Loan Sanction Letter?

A home loan sanction letter is issued by a bank or financial institution to an applicant who has applied for the loan. The letter is a proof that the applicant is eligible to avail a certain amount of home loan from its lender (bank or financial institution) subject to the fulfillment of certain terms and conditions as mentioned by the lender.

Home loan charges and fees you need to pay

If you are planning to take a home loan to buy your own dream home, you better do you homework right, else you would end up paying much more than you had bargained for, apart from the EMI.

Top ten tips to keep in mind while taking a home loan

Taking a House is once in a life time decision for many of us with the spiraling prices of the property and the high interest rate regime in the market.

If you are transferring home loan, you should know this?

Sometimes, you may come across a bank which gives a home loan with lesser interest rate than your current bank. At such times, you are tempted to transfer home loan from your current bank to another bank.

Things to remember while closing a Home Loan

There is a strong sense of relief and pride that one achieves in paying off a home loan and officially calling the property theirs. With the recent announcement by the RBI and NHB extending the elimination of prepayment charges for home loan foreclosure, home loan borrowers have been further encouraged to pay off their mortgages before the end of the tenure.

No prepayment worries! Pay off your home loan faster

Before you jump the gun and panic thinking that you must pay off your home loan as soon as you can, or at least think about a refinance option for your home loan, take a closer look at your financial plan. See the number of investments you have and the returns they are yielding.

Is your home loan as beautiful as it seems? Or does it have hidden secrets?

At times, borrowers may want to convert their home loan interest terms from a fixed to a floating rate or vice versa. Although a borrower may switch their interest rate terms as many times as they wish, there is a fee levied each time.

What to do if my home loan application gets rejected?

Buying a home is an important lifetime decision. It not only impacts your family's sense of security but also impacts your long term financial goals. After all, nobody buys apartments cash down. While you do put in a small margin, nearly 80-85% of the cost of the apartment is financed with home loan.

Missed your home loan EMI: How to get back on track?

A home loan is often the only financially viable method for a person to fund major purchases like a house. It also offers significant tax benefits to borrowers.

What Are Ready Reckoner Rates And What They Mean For Home Buyers?

While numerous factors contribute to the hike in real estate prices, there is one significant factor, known as “ready reckoner rate” that has a bigger part in deciding the movement of real estate prices.

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