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Reverse Mortgage Loan

what is a reverse mortgage loan, how reverse mortgage loan works, eligibility criteria and key benefits and limitations, and if it pays to have a Reverse Mortgage Loan.

Fixed vs Floating Interest Rate

Banks and non-banking finance companies provide home loans at fixed or floating interest rates. One should understand the initial contrasts between these two loan kinds. However, to do this, one should compare fixed vs floating interest rate and consider them both.

What is Balloon Payment?

Balloon payment means that they are significant sums of the loan amount paid after the loan period. However, based on the loan's interest rate, the balloon payment's amount must be discounted at present value.

What Is The Difference Between A Home Loan And Plot Loan?

A home loan is your ticket to realizing the dream of having a residential haven. It provides you ownership of a house, fostering a sense of security and permanence. This canvas can be painted with various strokes – from a bustling city apartment to a serene suburban house with a garden.

What Is Equitable Mortgage Home Loan?

At its core, an equitable mortgage falls along the lines of a legal agreement that leverages your property's equitable interest as collateral for a loan. Unlike the more traditional form of mortgage, where the legal title of the property is transferred to the lender until the debt is repaid, an equitable mortgage retains the title with the borrower.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Floating Interest Rate

A floating interest rate, variable or adjustable, is not fixed and can change periodically based on shifts in an underlying benchmark or reference rate. Unlike a fixed interest rate that remains constant over the entire loan period, the floating interest rate is subject to adjustments.

Deciphering Base Rate: How It's Calculated

The base rate, or prior probability, refers to the initial likelihood of an event occurring before considering additional information or data. It represents the fundamental probability of an event based solely on historical data or general knowledge without considering specific conditions or supplementary factors.

Understanding the Repo Rate and Its Impact on Home Loans

To know the depths of Repo Rate, it is essential to know what is repo rate. The repo rate, also called the "repurchase rate," holds significant importance as a benchmark interest rate employed by central banks to provide short-term loans to commercial banks, usually overnight.

The Optimal CIBIL Score for a Home Loan

A good credit score is paramount in the home loan application process. In India, the CIBIL score is widely used to measure creditworthiness. In this article, we will delve into the significance of the CIBIL score for a home loan and determine the ideal score that lenders seek.

Pre-EMI vs. Full EMI: Making an Informed Choice for Your Loan

Loans have become indispensable for financing significant purchases, be it a home, car, or education. They offer a valuable solution to alleviate financial constraints and realize our aspirations. This article aims to elucidate about EMI vs. pre-EMI, highlight their respective advantages, and assist you in selecting the most suitable option tailored to your financial needs.

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