List of Bonds Articles


What are debentures?

NCDs are unsecured debt securities. Investment in them could offer good diversification to those who also invest in equities. NCDs of investment grade issuers are also a secure form of investment.

Getting acquainted with fixed income ETFs

In a stock ETF, the fund is generally composed of all the stocks in the index. This is not the case in most fixed income ETFs. The fund holds a fraction of the bonds that make up the underlying index.

What Are Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds

foreign currency exchangeable bonds (FCEB) are regulated by Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bond

What are accretive bonds?

Accretive in bonds or accretion refers to the gradual increase in value of a bond's principal over time due to the passage of time.

What are Investment - Grade Bonds?

Irrespective of the investment type, decision-making entails detailed market research and analysis. Investors use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate the investment's worth. Various research reports, financials, and industry reviews assist in chalking out an investment plan.

What is an Angel Bond?

An Angel bond is the opposite of a fallen angel, which is a term for a company’s bond which has faced a negative impact due to increasing debt.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of High-Yield Bonds?

When experienced investors choose the stock market instruments, they invest in multiple asset classes beyond equities. Although certain assets can yield higher returns, they swear by diversifying their investments within the stock market such that they are profitable in case one asset class goes through a bear cycle.

What are High-Yield Bonds?

The investment landscape has grown immensely over the years with plenty of financial avenues rising in the market. Thereby, creating opportunities for the individuals to augment their income levels.

What are fallen angel bonds?

A Fallen Angel Bond is an investment-grade corporate bond that was originally issued with an investment-grade rating but has since been downgraded to a high-yield (non-investment grade) rating due to adverse circumstances at the issuer.

What is AAA Bond?

The recent market correction has shifted the choice of investment from equity to debt instruments. Irrespective of the type, investment decisions are a trade-off between the potential rewards and risk involved and each investment is subject to some risk.

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