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portfolio management

How to open a PMS account?

PMS or Portfolio Management Services, are simply investments in the form of a diverse portfolio, managed by a professional portfolio manager.

What are the benefits of PMS?

PMS or Portfolio Management Services is a customized investment avenue for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth clients.

What is the Tax Treatment for PMS?

Portfolio management service (PMS) has emerged in a big way since they were first permitted in India in 1993 under SEBI PMS rules.

What is a Fund Manager?

We all understand fund manager as the one who manages our money. But the fund manager definition is actually quite nuanced.

What is the Process of Portfolio Management?

PMS is not just an activity but a continuous and iterative process. Hence to best appreciate the importance of PMS, it is essential to understand the process of PMS.

What are the Charges for PMS?

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a facility offered by a SEBI registered portfolio manager with the singular intent to achieve the required rate of return within the desired level of risk for the client.

What is the Minimum Ticket Size for PMS?

Portfolio management service (PMS) is a customized investment product that is designed based on the investor’s unique needs and objectives.