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Can I Transfer a Gold Loan from My Current Bank to Another Bank?

Gold loan transfer, or balance transfer, involves moving your existing gold loan from one lender to another. People opt for this transfer when they find better loan terms and more attractive interest rates with another lender. However, not all lenders offer this facility of loan transfer.

Gold Loan In India- Everything You Need To Know

In India, the widespread ownership of gold has led to the emergence of gold loans as a financial lifeline for people needing quick capital. Among all the options for borrowing, gold loans are by far the most convenient and flexible option.

How Safe Is Your Physical Gold in A Bank Locker?

Gold ownership or investment is common among Indian households. However, many prefer not to keep it at home to mitigate the theft risk due to its significant value. Home security measures may not be sufficient for safeguarding physical gold, making utilizing bank lockers prudent.

What Are the RBI Guidelines for Loan-to-Value Ratio for Gold Loans?

In accordance with the RBI circular on gold loan LTV, the RBI has eased the lending norms for gold loans by increasing the permitted maximum Loan-to-Value ratio from 75% to 90%.

Maximum and Minimum Gold Loan Limit in India

In India, the interest rate for gold loans is influenced by the market value of gold. The value of the gold items you pledge as collateral will also be high, when the market price of gold is high.

Is Buying Gold Coins a Good Way to Invest in Gold?

The prosperity and luck associated with the gold make it extremely popular among Indian investors. Apart from gold jewellery, Indians are also quite inclined toward hoarding gold coins. But is investing in gold coins a prudent choice? Scroll through this article to explore the different benefits of hoarding gold coins.

What are the procedure, merits, and demerits of a gold loan?

The existence of gold loan companies has enabled borrowers to mortgage gold and receive funds against it. Several Indians search for “gold loan near me” to receive funds for urgent financial requirements. But not everyone knows the procedure to apply for a gold loan. Jump into this article to understand how to apply for a gold loan and learn its pros and cons.

Gold Loan vs Personal Loan - Which is Better & Why?

Gold loans and personal loans have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should weigh the two options against each other before making your choice. But remember that you will need gold assets to get a loan against it, while you don’t need any collateral for personal loans.

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