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What was the Swedish Banking crisis?

Swedish banking crisis is one of the most well-known financial crises. It occurred in 1992. All through the decade of 80s, the central bank of Sweden kept interest rates low. Due to low interest rates, demand for loans went up sharply.

What is meant by securitization of loans?

The term securitization came into wider notice when 2008 global financial crisis happened. The crisis started with large scale defaults on mortgage backed securities (MBS) in United States. MBS are securities issued against home loan mortgages.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

It's easy to commence small business ideas in India with low investment, which makes it interesting for starters. However, individuals could pursue these in their spare time when they are not working full-time. Such businesses offer one of the largest ways to earn profits through displaying and monetising their products and services to others.

MSME Business List - Complete MSME List of Businesses

The latest MSME classification and the MSME business list came into existence to assist firms in receiving government incentives and utilising government operations. If you are a first-timer, you must note that the MSMEs do not all have to be small enterprises.

Construction Business: Step-by-step Process to Register & Start Construction Business in India

There are a few construction company ideas for beginners that can help you get started in this exciting and quickly growing area. If you want to establish your firm in the construction industry, now is a fantastic time.

What is Business? Meaning, Types of Businesses, How to Start a Business

A business is a for-profit operation or activity. It could be a corporation, a partnership, an organisation, a single proprietorship, a profession, or any other entity that engages in profit-making commercial, industrial, philanthropic, or professional activity.

What is Debt Financing: Meaning, Process, Types & Advantages of Debt Financing

Debt financing adds to a company's debt element of its capital structure. It can improve the performance and growth of an organisation.

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