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Last Updated On 17-Apr-2024

At every dawn, our team of experts do in-depth research and analyze the stock market and picks stocks which have the best momentum. These bunch of stocks are recommended from a huge list of stocks and only the best are selected to be added in the top list of today’s stocks to buy. You can get performance-based recommendations each morning which can help you to trade as per your trading requirement. Go through the below list and sort them as per your need.

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Introduction to Hot Stocks

What are hot stocks?

Hot stocks include shares that are in great demand as a consequence of the stock continuously outperforming the market as a result of positive financial performance. The hype around such stocks often occurs during an IPO, generating tremendous investor interest.

Investors hop on the bandwagon as excitement soars, which increases demand for a specific stock and decreases supply. As a result, the short-term increase in stock price is typically substantial.

While the euphoria has subsided, traders still seek to sell the shares above the company's fair value, which drives down the share price. Although several IPO equities are expensive, early investors can profit significantly from purchasing stocks before they are listed.

Additionally, the excitement around an IPO attracts investors to the industry in which the company works, driving up the stock values of related businesses. A stock may be in great demand outside of an IPO because of the dividends it pays or due to impressive quarterly results that increase investor trust.

How to identify hot stocks?

The following indicators help identify the best stocks to buy today or to invest in the future.

  • Price Variation: Irrespective of the industry, a hot stock will see a sharp price gain. The Best share to buy is when the share value rises rapidly.
  • Rising Volume:You may determine whether a stock is hot by examining the trade volume associated with the upward price movement.
  • RSI, or Relative Strength Index: RSI is one of the most often used momentum indicators that may also serve as a trend indicator. A stock or index with an RSI value above 50 is in a bullish trend, whereas one below 50 is in a bearish one. The divergence between the indication and price is one of RSI’s other common uses.
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): The MACD takes advantage of the link between an exponential moving average (EMA) with a 26-period and a 12-period. Here, the stock gains momentum when the two moving averages diverge, and the acceleration ends when they converge. The MACD and signal line make up the indicators. While the signal line is the MACD line's 9 EMA, it records the difference between the two EMA.

It is up to the trader's initiative, combined with the above indicators, to use the signal to trade effectively while considering the best stocks to buy today.

Share Market Today

icon Name icon Value icon Chg.(%)
Nifty 5022,147.90 -124.60 icon -0.56
Nifty Next 5062,057.50 49.35 icon 0.08
Nifty 50020,423.00 -55.75 icon -0.27
Nifty IT33,574.95 -888.65 icon -2.58
Nifty Bank47,484.80 -288.45 icon -0.60

Hot Stock FAQs

What are hot stocks?

There is no such technical term as hot stocks. But stocks in which trading volume is currently high, and whose prices are rising can be considered as hot stocks in layman’s language. This means that they are stocks that are in high demand presently. Stocks in industries that are currently showing a boom are also sometimes considered as hot stocks. For example, many stocks in sectors such as IT & software services etc. are considered to be hot stocks.

Besides looking at the trading volume and direction of price movement, hot stocks can also be identified by looking at MACD signal and RSI indicator of the stock.

How to identify the hot stocks on a daily basis?

One can look at the top gainers at NSE on the day to identify the hot stocks of that day. For instance, on 2nd August, 3 p.m. the top 3 gainers at NSE are Divi’s Lab, Nestle India and Hindustan Unilever. These three stocks are the hot stocks on 2nd August. Daily hot stocks change on a daily basis.

How to identify the right stock to invest?

You should first ascertain whether you want to invest in a dividend paying stock or a high growth stock. Dividend paying stocks are those that regularly give dividends. You will get a regular stream of income, in the form of dividends, by investing in these stocks. A growth stock is one that is likely to see high capital appreciation in future. These are usually stocks of companies that are showing high growth rate. These companies usually do not pay dividends. If you want a dividend paying stock then look at stocks that regularly pay dividends. If you want to invest in a high growth stock, then look at stocks that are trading at a high P/E ratio. Stocks that are trading at a high P/E ratio are likely to be high growth stocks.

Before taking the decision regarding whether to invest in a stock or not, a bit of analysis of the industry of the company will help you in taking the right decision. The industry analysis can be done on the parameters of bargaining power of customers, bargaining power of suppliers, barriers to entry, threat of substitutes, and intensity of competitive rivalry in the industry. A stock is more likely to be a hot stock or good investment in the foreseeable future if the industry in which it operates has low bargaining power of customers, low bargaining power of suppliers, high barriers to entry, low threat of substitutes and low intensity of competitive rivalry.

Once you have identified the industry whose stocks are likely to perform well in the foreseeable future, you can pick the right stock by identifying the one that is relatively cheap when compared to its peers in the industry. You can use the parameters of P/E ratio or P/B ratio for identifying stocks that are relatively cheap. Stocks that are trading at a P/E ratio that is less than the industry average P/E ratio can be considered as cheap, and vice-versa.

What is the meaning of a multibagger stock?

A multibagger stock is one that gives return of 100% or more.

What is meant by Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio?

P/E ratio is the ratio of market price of a stock to its earnings per share.

What is a value stock?

A value stock is one that is trading at a relatively low P/E ratio. Such a stock also pays dividends. It also has a relatively low price to book value (P/B) ratio.

What is a growth stock?

A growth stock is one that is trading at a high P/E ratio. Markets expect that such stocks will show high growth in Earnings per share (EPS) in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the prices of these stocks are relatively high in comparison to their earnings per share.

What is value investing?

Value investing means buying stocks that are relatively cheap in valuation. There are various ways of identifying stocks that are trading cheap. One way is to look at the Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio of the stock. If the stock is trading at a low P/E ratio in comparison to its peers, in spite of good fundamentals, then it is a cheap stock. It will be good to buy it now. Its price is likely to increase in future. You can sell it when its price rises, and book profits.

Another way to identify undervalued stocks is to look at price-to-book value ratio (P/B) ratio of a stock. Stocks with low P/B ratio are likely to be undervalued. Investing in these stocks can give one profits, when the stock price rises. Warren Buffet follows the P/B rule for identifying stocks that are relatively cheap. He invests in stocks that have P/B ratio of 1.3 or less.

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