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Bank Nifty Option Tips and Strategy

Bank NIFTY is an index of the 12 highest cap and most liquid stocks from the banking sector. Launched in 2009, this index is now heavily traded on the stock market, with a lot of traders making a living off exclusively specializing in Bank NIFTY.

Difference between Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap

If you’re a beginner venturing for the first time into stock trading and have no deep understanding of the many concepts associated with equity, you may find much of the terminology associated with equity trading vague or unclear.

LTP In Share Market?

The whole concept of stock markets is based on the varying prices of stocks over time. The commodities traded on the stock market have what is known as the LTP or the Last Traded Price of the stock.

Equities/ Equity Shares?

Equities refer to small pieces of a company’s worth, considering all pending liabilities. If you are investing in a company by purchasing equities, you become an owner of the company in the same ratio as the equities bought.

How to Invest in Nifty - Trading Tips and Strategy

The Nifty 50 is one of India’s broad-market benchmark indices that track the price movements of 50 of the largest companies listed in the National Stock Exchange. It is widely used by traders to gauge the performance of the stock market as a whole.

What is Share Market?

The share market is a platform where buyers and sellers come together to trade on publicly listed shares during specific hours of the day. People often use the terms ‘share market’ and ‘stock market’ interchangeably. However, the key difference between the two lies in the fact that while the former is used to trade only shares, the latter allows you to trade various financial securities such as bonds, derivatives, forex etc.

Understanding Coffee Can Portfolio

The coffee can portfolio strategy takes a "buy and hold" approach to investing. Investors purchase equities in organisations that have exhibited extraordinary success over a long period of time. Once acquired, these stocks are practically ignored for ten years, with no active buying or selling. This investment strategy is known as a coffee can portfolio.

Bulk Deals vs. Block Deals: Learn the Difference Between the Two

The definition of a bulk deal varies depending on the stock exchange and regulatory authority. Still, it often entails a transaction in which the number of shares exchanged exceeds a proportion of the company's total outstanding shares.