Netripples Software Ltd Management Discussions.

Netripples Management is confident to continue the path of Health care IT Segment which is now a market of the future. We have now prospects directly coming in to ask for Netripples Products with its performance.

Your Company will continue the growth trend this year irrespective of the global downtrend and rupee devaluation and well the economic slowdown. The profits have been lesser due to the company values its contribution to its customers and planned its strategic growth accordingly.

On the plus side, your company now has globally recognized Health care suit of applications, and which can generate revenue and other than segment of back end processing arid support services.

At the outset, we would like to thank all the directors of the board, the employees, the Bankers, STPI, Stock Exchanges, SEBI, registrars and Govt, agencies and authorities for their valuable support during the year.