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The Indian stock market has evolved from an open outcry system to a digitised platform. A demat account is one of the most vital elements within the virtual financial ecosystem to buy and sell shares in a matter of seconds. It allows investors to virtually hold the shares and sell them anytime. As it is mandatory to have a Demat account, it is important for you to be aware of the account opening charges, account annual charges and DP charges.

The below table details the IIFL Demat Account Charges:

Minimum Margin ₹ 0
Monthly subscription ₹ 0
Equity Delivery ₹ 20
Equity Intraday ₹ 20
Commodity & Currency, Future & options ₹ 20
Account Opening Charges (one-time) ₹ 0
First Year Annual Maintenance ₹ 0
Annual Maintenance (from 2nd year) ₹25 Incl GST per Month
DP transaction charge Credit ₹ 0
DP transaction charge Debit ₹ 20
Delayed payment charge (p.a.) 18.25%
System & Risk square off ₹ 50
Call & Trade ₹ 50
Pledge & Unpledge charges/ ISIN (customer initiated) ₹ 25
Re-pledge and Release charges/ ISIN (collaterals) ₹ 1
Pledge Invocation Charges ₹ 25
Pledge Closure ₹ 0
Demat/ Remat Charges ₹ 18
Payment Gateway Charges ₹ 9
Conversion of MF units/ Destatementization Per SOA ₹ 9
Reconversion of MF units in to SOA or Redemption/ Restatementization Per SOA ₹ 0
Re-issuance of (Additional) New DIS ₹ 118 (Including GST)
Postal Charges for physical dispatch ₹ 47
Pledge charge (Broker Margin Funding) ₹ 25 (Including GST)
Courier/ physical printing (when requested) ₹ 119
Research Report ₹ 0
Demat/ Remat Charges Yes
Intra-day calls Yes
Market Guru seminars No
Trader Terminal EXE No
Dedicated RM No
Analyst/ Investment advisor meetings No

Demat Account Opening Charges along with other DP charges can seem hard to comprehend. Therefore, we at IIFL, provide complete transparency with respect to the nature of services and fees related to the Demat account charges. For better clarity about the various charges levied by India Infoline, here’s a brief explanation of the particulars of each service.

Modes Of Opening Demat Account With India Infoline

The process of opening a demat account with India Infoline is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Our seamless and efficient account opening process ensures that it is up and running in 2 days. IIFL offers the following two modes to open a demat account in record time.

Mode Online

Open Demat Account

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