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Gold Loan Interest Rates and Charges

IIFL is a renowned name in the financial industry, known for its trustworthiness. We take pride in offering highly competitive gold interest rates in India, enabling you to borrow more while paying less. We recognize the importance of clarity in financial commitments, and our commitment is to ensure full transparency concerning our gold loan interest rates and associated charges for our valued customers.

Naturally, our customers have a strong desire to have a clear understanding of the costs associated with their loans before applying. To fulfill this expectation, we have meticulously detailed all the necessary terms and conditions related to our gold loans, making sure they are readily accessible to all.


    0.99% onward p.m.

    (11.88% - 27% p.a.)

  • Rates differ. Variation is subject to the loan amount and repayment frequency

    ₹0 onwards

  • Differs based on the scheme availed




  • Auction Intimation Charges: ₹200

Applicable Gold Loan Interest Rate and Charges

IIFL takes pride in offering competitive gold loan interest rates designed to meet diverse financial needs. Presently, our gold loan interest rate starts at 0.99% per month (according to the latest update), resulting in an annual percentage rate (APR) that spans from 11.88% to 27%. Please note that these rates might fluctuate depending on the loan amount and your selected repayment frequency.

Let's delve into the key elements of your gold loan charges:

  • Processing Fee:
    • This fee offers flexibility, with rates starting at Rs. 0.
    • The actual processing fee depends on the specific scheme you select.
  • MTM Charges (Mark to Market):
    • These charges ensure that your loan aligns with the current market value of your pledged gold.
    • The MTM fee is a nominal Rs. 500.
    • This step is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of your loan valuation over time.
  • Auction Charges:
    • These charges apply in the unfortunate event of a loan default.
    • Auction Intimation Charges amount to Rs. 200, covering the initial steps of notifying borrowers about the auction process.
    • These fees encompass the administrative expenses linked to the auction process, ensuring transparency throughout.
  • Early Closure Fees:
    • These charges apply when you decide to repay your gold loan before the agreed-upon term ends. The exact amount may differ from lender to lender, so it's vital to review your loan agreement for specific details.
  • Renewal Fees:
    • These charges apply when you decide to repay your gold loan before the agreed-upon term ends. The exact amount may differ from lender to lender, so it's vital to review your loan agreement for specific details.
  • Post-Maturity Overdue Interest:
    • Missing the maturity date for your gold loan might result in overdue interest fees from certain lenders. Typically, this is a percentage of the outstanding loan amount that accrues daily until the loan is settled.
  • Late Payment Interest:
    • Not making your gold loan installment on time can lead to extra interest charges. The loan against gold interest rate for late payments is usually specified in your agreement.
  • Stamp Duty Fees:
    • Stamp duty charges are related to the legal documentation of your gold loan. These fees can differ by state and are generally a fixed percentage of the loan amount.
    • It's essential to thoroughly examine your gold loan agreement or consult with your lender to grasp the specific rates and terms for these fees, as they can vary among financial institutions. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions and avoid any unexpected expenses during your gold loan tenure.
    • These components collectively constitute the various charges related to your gold loan, offering a transparent breakdown of the costs under different circumstances.

Calculation of Gold Loan Interest Rate

We recognize the significance of transparency in financial transactions. To determine the precise gold loan interest rate and charges, we follow a straightforward calculation method. The process begins by evaluating your total loan amount, which is obtained by multiplying the current market price of your gold by its weight. Subsequently, the applicable gold interest rate and other charges are added to this amount, giving you the final loan cost.

Our objective is to equip you with a clear understanding of what your gold loan will entail. This transparency ensures there are no unexpected surprises or concealed expenses along the way. At IIFL, our primary aim is to offer a cost-effective solution that aligns seamlessly with your financial requirements.

IIFL holds the belief that transparency forms the foundation of trust in the relationship between financial institutions and their customers. Our competitive gold loan interest rates, along with transparent and concise explanations of associated charges, exemplify our dedication to offering a seamless borrowing experience.

Through flexible repayment options, reasonable processing fees, and a straightforward calculation process, we empower our customers to make informed choices about their financial future. Our objective is straightforward: assist you in unlocking the potential of your gold assets while minimizing financial strain. When considering gold loans, opt for IIFL as your transparent and trustworthy financial partner.


What's the gold loan interest rate?

Our gold loan interest rate begins at 0.99% per month, with potential variations based on the loan amount and how often you make repayments.

Does the kind of gold ornaments I pledge impact the interest rate on my gold loan?

Typically, the gold interest rate primarily depends on the loan amount and repayment frequency rather than the type of gold ornaments you pledge.

What factors influence gold interest rates?

Gold loan interest rates are mainly influenced by factors like the loan amount and how frequently you make repayments.

Who qualifies for a Gold loan?

Gold loans are typically available to individuals who have gold jewelry as collateral.