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The Quick Personal Loan from IIFL is an instant unsecured loan that you can use for a variety of investment needs. With this loan, you can take advantage of the real estate market opportunities and optimize your returns without having to worry about stretching your budget.

Given the high volatility of the real estate market, Quick Personal Loan gives you the flexibility to make timely investments without having to worry about your financial constraints. The Quick personal loan helps you borrow up to ₹5 Lakhs in an instant and offers great rates with no guarantor or collateral required.

Most often, people refrain from investing in real estate due to worries about the risks and instability of real estate market returns. Quick Personal Loan from IIFL helps you overcome these apprehensions by giving you access to instant funds so that you can quickly make timely investments without worrying about not having sufficient funds.

Additionally, Quick Personal Loan also offers great benefits for new customers, such as instant approvals and other attractive features. So if you want to take advantage of the rising real estate prices or need funds for any other investment needs, Quick Personal Loan is your best bet! You never know when a great investment opportunity might come knocking at your door! Make sure that you're ready with IIFL online personal loan!

So what are you waiting for? Apply for a Personal Loan today!

IIFL Personal Loan Features

A variety of loan products are available from IIFL, with each one tailored to a different need. There are a number of high-end loan options available with adjustable payback terms. One of the most popular loan options offered by IIFL is the personal loan.

You may swiftly address all of your financial problems with the help of an online personal loan, which has pragmatic financing terms. Additionally, you can use the IIFL website or mobile app to apply for this loan from anywhere. You may acquire the most advantageous EMI plans, interest rates, and loan terms in the market with an instant personal loan from IIFL.

RATE OF INTEREST12.75% - 44% Per Annum (reducing balance interest rate)
TENURE03 months to 42 months
DOCUMENTS REQUIREDOnly PAN, Aadhar & Bank Statements required
PROCESSING FEE 2% - 6% + GST* ([Min ₹750 to be Charged] Additional Convenience Fee of ₹500 will be charged)


  • Personal Loan for Investment Needs Quickly and easily get access to funds for real estate market investments without having to worry about budget constraints.
  • Instant Loan Processing  Quick Personal Loan from IIFL offers instant loan processing with no guarantor or collateral required.
  • Apply Online Benefit from a quick and easy online application in a few simple steps and get the funds you need in no time.
  • Get 24X7 Assistance Leverage the expertise of IIFL's customer service team to get answers to all your queries and doubts regarding Quick Personal Loan.
  • No Physical Documentation Enjoy the convenience of Quick Personal Loan without having to worry about physical documentation.
  • No Hidden Charges Don't worry about hidden costs or any other charges that you aren't aware of.

IIFL Personal Loan Interest Rates and Charges

To ensure there are no unexpected fees, the rates and charges are predetermined and stated with the utmost transparency. The loan application process makes sure that you are aware of the cost of your personal loan and how to calculate your monthly payment.

You won’t be required to pay more than the pre-communicated rates and fees using a customer-focused and open loan process.

  • Interest Rate

    12.75% - 44% Per Annum

    (Reducing Balance Interest Rate)

  • Processing Fee

    2% - 6% + GST*

    ([Min ₹750 To Be Charged] Additional
    Convenience Fee Of ₹500 Will Be Charged)

Why Avail a Personal Loan from IIFL?

Funding can be a challenge for many when it comes to making real estate market investments, and Quick Personal Loan from IIFL helps you overcome that hurdle. With Quick Personal Loan, you get access to instant funds so that you can take advantage of the financial opportunities in the real estate market without compromising on your budget. We strive to provide you with the best services along with attractive rates, quick loan processing, no guarantor or collateral requirement, and other benefits such as instant approval for new customers. Most importantly, our experienced team of financial experts are available 24X7 for your assistance and to help you make informed decisions. It is not just about Quick Personal Loan but about having a trusted partner for all your investment needs.


Necessary Documents

  • Selfie


  • Id Proof

    Id Proof (PAN Card)

  • Id Proof

    Address Proof
    (Aadhar Card/Driving License)

  • Bank Statement

    06 - 12 Months CA/SA
    Bank Statement

Please note, If your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI for Aadhar, you will not able to do eKYC.


  • Minimum age of 19 years.
  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • Maximum age of 60 years at the time of loan application
  • Maximum age of 65 years at the time of loan maturity


IIFL’s personal loan application is easy, quick and hassle-free. All you have to do to get an instant personal loan is:

Applay Loan StepsApplay Loan Steps

How Does A Personal Loan Work?

The majority of loans function in a similar manner as personal loans. The process is simple: you apply for a personal loan online, the bank evaluates your credibility, verifies your given information, and comes up with an offer for you. If you agree to the terms and conditions offered by us, you'll accept the personal loan offer. Once we approve the loan request, we disburse the personal loan amount minus the processing fee directly into your bank account.

Personal loan, a popular type of unsecured loan, lets you borrow funds from lending institutions like us to meet your urgent financial needs for purposes like vacation, investment, debt consolidation, etc. Given it's an unsecured loan, we won't require any collateral or security against the loan amount.

Moreover, the paperwork involved in a personal loan is much less than other loans. We evaluate your creditworthiness once you apply for an instant personal loan and provide the necessary documentation to tailor and offer the best offer to you. Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) is the best repayment solution to return the loan. You can acquire the money within 48 hours thanks to the advancement of our digital services.


What is the annualized rate of interest and repayment tenure of personal loans offered by IIFL?

When it comes to personal loans, the annualized rate of interest is the agreed-upon cost by the borrower that they must pay against the money borrowed from us. We charge interest on the principal loan amount depending on the loan period you choose. 

IIFL provides personal loans with annualized interest rates of 12.75% - 44% p.a., repayable over terms of 3 months to 42 months. For instance, Rohan took out a 24-month personal loan for INR 2,00,000 at an annualized interest rate of 14% p.a. 

In this case, Rohan's monthly EMI will be about INR 9603, and his total interest payment will be about INR 30,462. He will be paying back roughly INR 2,30,462 in total for the loan's term, which includes the principal, interest, and any additional fees that may be due.

What can you use a personal loan for?

You can use a personal loan for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Home renovation and improvements
  • Debt consolidation
  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Paying wedding expenses
  • Buying expensive home or electronic item
  • Going for a vacation
  • Meet business requirements
  • Pay tuition fees for kids and more.

Also, if you find the personal loan's interest rate we offer (based on your credit profile) is lower than the interest rate you get for a car loan, you can take a personal loan instead to save on interest payments. So, use a personal loan for various purposes, covering both anticipated and unplanned expenses.

What is the CIBIL Score required to get a loan?

Your CIBIL score demonstrates your creditworthiness and ability to repay loans. Since a personal loan lacks security and is therefore unsecured, the borrower relies heavily on their CIBIL score to demonstrate their ability to repay their debt on time. So, having a high chance of a personal loan approval requires having a high CIBIL score. A CIBIL score of at least 750 is what we look for in our personal loan applicants. 

How can you calculate your EMI?

Anyone can calculate their personal loan EMI if they know their interest rate, loan tenure, and the loan amount. Use our superfast personal loan EMI calculator to determine the monthly installment that fits your budget. Simply navigate to our EMI calculator, enter the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate, and click on 'Calculate EMI.' 

How long does it take to get approved for a personal loan?

At IIFL, we waste no time approving your personal loan application request. If all your documents are as authentic as you claim and your credit score meets our criteria, we'll happily approve your loan within a day. 

How can I repay my personal loan?

To begin with, use a personal loan EMI calculator when applying for a personal loan. It will help you stay aware of your anticipated monthly payments. Make a monthly budget accordingly for easy loan payback. By making additional payments toward the debt as your income rises, you can shorten the term of your personal loan. 

What are the benefits of a Quick Personal Loan?

Quick Personal Loan provides several benefits such as instant loan processing, online application and no physical documentation required. Additionally, you also get access to 24X7 customer service assistance and benefit from our attractive rates and no hidden charges.

Is there any collateral or guarantor requirement for Quick Personal Loan?

No, a Quick personal loan does not require any collateral or guarantor. You can avail this loan online in a few simple steps!

How much can I borrow with a Quick Personal Loan?

Quick Personal Loan allows you to borrow up to ₹5 Lakhs for your investment needs.

What is a Quick Personal Loan from IIFL?

Quick Personal Loan from IIFL is an instant unsecured loan that helps you take advantage of the stock market opportunities without having to worry about budget constraints.


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