Stampede Capital Ltd Management Discussions.

Stampede is primarily a research driven Global Trading House specialized in Data Handling, Data Processing and Data Management and also specialized in the eld of commodity trading across the markets.

Core Strengths:

Cutting Edge Technology

Dynamic Risk Management

Asia Region Based and Emerging Market Knowledge

History of Profitable Financial Performance

World class team of Quants and Programmers.

Low latency arbitrage:

Stampedes automated Low-latency Arbitrage environment supports in-built scalable containers to handle multiple asset classes and integrated with multi-threading parallel computing technology to run proprietary algorithms on full depth order book technology.

Tick Basis Arbitrage: Trading is by continuously placing Bids below the specified basis parameters and Asks above the specified basis parameters using O-U Stochastic Process (Ornstein-Hollenbeck), in order to balance the inventory to neutral position.

The Latency Arbitrageur (LA) in the multiple-market model operates as follows. LA first obtains current price quotes in available markets, then checks whether an arbitrage situation exists based on con gured Basis Points. Denotes the best price available to Sell at BID = max{BID1, BID2}, and Buy at ASK = min{ASK1, ASK2} be the best price available over the exchange.

Risk Management:

Our real-time risk management tool is built on trading platform and it is also an integral part of trade order life cycle, calibrating real time pricing data and ensures our order execution within pre-de ned positioned limits. If our risk management system detects that a trading strategy in exceeding of our con gure prede ned limits, it will report the logs and creates alert management to the trading terminals. In addition, our risk management system continuously monitors our trade transactions against the order execution over the Exchanges.

Credit Risk:

Deal with Banks, Clearing Firms, Prime of Prime OTC trade on bilateral agreement Covered with Insurance on trade above threshold.

Market Risk:

Market Neutral Strategies at any Given of Time - Hedged Positions

Non-Directional Strategies.

Liquidity Risk:

Trading on Liquidity

Routing Multiple Venues.

Operational Risk:

Real time Hedged positions and exposures are monitored Central monitoring of network performance of hardware, application services and venues.

Global View of Trading Strategy Events which require manual intervention to update Cancel the existing strategies.

Risk Team monitors all activities during the live markets.