Super Tannery Ltd Management Discussions.

Industry Structure and Development:

The Indian Leather Industry plays a significant role in the Indian Economy in view of its substantial export earnings, employment generation and growth opportunities. The export of leather and leather products has increased over past few years.

The Company is striving high to capture over Global Market in respect of Leather and Leather Products. The Company has taken various steps to promote companys products all over the world and it is being done in line with global trends to enhance scale, global competitiveness and financial flexibility and also to contribute towards achievement of companys objective and to increase revenue, production volume, market shares and shareholders returns.

Your company in view of the competitive scenario has taken various steps to meet these challenges and also capitalize on budding opportunities available. The company is regularly carrying out detailed analysis of leather industry and has been making all possible efforts to understand the various minutiae of the emerging market scenario. The company has been investing considerable amount of funds on its Research & Development Programmes in order to enrich and improve the quality of products.


Company has gained reputation and established itself globally as Supplier of quality products. The company has demonstrated global competitiveness and has achieved international standards for the quality of its products and its immense capabilities provide massive opportunities in the foreign market. Companys overall strategy is to enhance shareholder value by receiving better returns through a long-term investment.


The company is fully aware of the factors dictating competition and has been investing with the ups and downs through its various effective measures like cost optimization, competitive pricing, improved production process and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Even under difficult operating conditions, company has been consistently performing at its best. It is expected that companys sound policies, competitive cost position will enable the company to lead the market effectively.

To exist in the competitive market and improve the value of shareholder, company is consistently considering all the significant factors, which provide sharp edges that enable company to enhance the margin.

Out Look:

Companys maximum operational income is based on the margin on export of leather and leather products. As most of part of the earning is realized from Export, out look depends upon the global economic scenario, global demand and supply and International product prices. Above all the performance of your company largely depends on the Eximp policy of the Union Government. Looking at the overall development of the Indian economy and the efforts of the Central Government to achieve higher GDP, Board of directors of your company is very much optimistic to the future of the Company.

Risks and Concerns:

Although Your Company does not perceive any serious threat, still company is taking care against the risk of growing pressure of prices, foreign exchange rates variation, current and future litigation, working capital management, bad debts etc. Foreign exchange liabilities / revenues are mainly concerned with the companys operation. Regular monitoring of movement of foreign exchange rates is carried out and decisions are taken as to when outstanding are to be covered and payments are to be made. Working Capital requirement are to be kept at minimum level in order to maintain the lowest possible interest rate.

Company has strongly prepared itself to meet cutthroat competition in global market by adhering to international quality standards of its product.

In addition to above company has overall risk management strategy, follows such practices & policies that are framework of efficient management to count the risk in advance.

Internal Control System and their Adequacy:

The company has made sufficient arrangement for internal control system and its monitoring for keeping proper record of the purchase of raw materials, stores, components, plant and machineries, equipments and all other assets for production and sale of finished leather and leather products. The company has clearly fixed rules and responsibilities for all management personnel and all operational activities are well controlled. The system ensures authorization of all transactions, records and the reports correctly and properly through computerized system.

The Audit committee of the Company also re-examines adequacy of internal controls, systems of risk management policies adopted by the Company.

Companys Laws and Regulations are also reviewed by the internal Audit Team regularly from time to time and its report is submitted to the promoters and put up in every Board Meeting. In order to provide sufficient support for business promotion of the company, the finance and commercial functions have been properly set. The company takes into account from time to time and Analysis its progress in accordance with the Laws and Regulations set by the internal auditors and report to the Board in every Board Meeting in support of best practices for internal control, standard operating norms and guidelines are being issued. The Company also incorporates all financial operating, and information technology systems are also evaluated from time to time.

Environment and safety:

The Company feels its responsibility and is fully aware of the importance to achieving exhibiting healthy environmental performance by checking effect of its activities, product or services for the environment. The environment policy of the company fully complies with the environmental laws and prevention of water, air and noise pollution and all efforts are made for continual improvement in the environmental performance.The Company has also initiated focusing its attention on "Charter on Corporate Responsibility" under the policy of the Government of India. The Company takes all measure to save and minimize the environmental effect on air, water by strictly using and further sounding its environmental management system to meet its objective. The Company ensures providing safe work place, machines and safety control measures within the organization and a sense of safety consciousness is spread amongst all the workmen, employees and supervisors.

Industrial Relations and Human Resources Development:

The Company gives much importance to maintain good relations with its employees ensuring that employees feel valued and energetic in creating an atmosphere and culture so that they can maximize their contribution in increasing the growth and further development of the company, and in turn the Company thinks of individual growth of its employees for their dedicated participation in organizational development.

The companys priority is to reduce the employees turnover ratio. The companys approach and efforts are to create congenial work environment for individual growth, which enable the development of whole organization. Relationship with the employees remains cordial through out the year. The company has a team of over 500 dedicated employees working towards the companys mission.

Discussion of Financial Performance with respect to Operational Performance:

Effective working management is regularly concentrating to reduce the cost of debt as much as possible. Prudent cash management endeavor to utilize the optimum Working Capital in order to reduce the interest cost and also to avoid the bottleneck of companys operation.

Research & Development

The company is committed to continue technological innovation, physical and chemical standardization and improvement to achieve high standards of product quality and customer satisfaction

Key factors that keep the company one step ahead:

a. Extensive interaction with the latest technological developments.

b. Presence in all major trade fairs, seminars and workshops for optimum knowledge up gradation.

c. Well qualified and progressive workforce.

d. Fully equipped Laboratory

The tannery units of the company work under guidance of a well-equipped laboratory conducting physical and chemical tests. It also has a pilot tannery to conduct trials of new leathers at a small scale before its implementation in bulk production. The laboratory has all the requisites to perform tests of leather as per EN, ISO and DIN standards. The company is amongst few companies which provide certification as per the REACH guidelines of European Chemicals Agency.

Design Studio: The footwear units of the company conduct their production as per the guidance of a newly built, state of the art designing cell, lead by well qualified shoe technologists and designers. Due to a rapid change in the product profile over the past few years, this studio was installed keeping in mind the ever-changing tests and preferences of the customers, while keeping time frame into consideration.

Quality Assurance: A major factor which keeps the company ahead is its obsession with total quality, which includes products of the highest standards, quick and efficient customer service, leading to complete customer satisfaction. Factors like these help the company to retain customers, some of them, for as long as 31 years.

Fair Participation

Asia Pacific Leather fair, Hong Kong

Lineapelle, Bologna, Italy

Moda, Birmingham, United Kindom

All China Leather Exhibition, Shanghai , China

A+A Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany

Fimec Fair, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Cautionary Statement:

Statements in the Management Discussion &Analysis Report which seek to describe the companys objectives, projections estimates, expectations and predictions may be considered to be "forward looking statements" and are stated as required by applicable laws and regulationsActual results could differ from those expressed or implied. Many factors including global and domestic demand-supply conditions, prices, raw materials availability technological changes, changes in Government policies, tax laws and other statues may affect the actual results, which could be different from what the Directors envisage in terms of future performance and out look.