Breakout Stocks is a list of all those stocks in an Index / a Group which have broken their 30 / 50 / 150 Days Simple Moving Average in either of the directions (Positive / Negative). This list gives Company Name, Current Market Price, % Change and Simple Moving Average levels for 30, 50 and 150 Days.

CompanyCMPChg (%)- Simple Moving Average -
30 Days50 Days150 Days
Garden Reach Sh.31.21678039988121952.913333333331632.3341113.989
India Cements28.9198235589026250.659666666667234.1518237.099266666667
Castrol India24.6114669626041217.163206.9888196.509933333333
C P C L24.3064742741696975.09950.061887.647666666667
HBL Power System23.7534305913386515.581666666667516.886492.625
R C F22.1138477282678189.569173.3634159.495466666667
Bombay Burmah21.56541129300271865.581732.8491641.69866666667
Railtel Corpn.20.7996843541749460.431666666667436.32394.864333333333
Cochin Shipyard20.55422380323562275.6151991.1251248.50286666667
NLC India19.836434267021244.55238.06233.347666666667