Breakout Stocks is a list of all those stocks in an Index / a Group which have broken their 30 / 50 / 150 Days Simple Moving Average in either of the directions (Positive / Negative). This list gives Company Name, Current Market Price, % Change and Simple Moving Average levels for 30, 50 and 150 Days.

CompanyCMPChg (%)- Simple Moving Average -
30 Days50 Days150 Days
ICICI PN10yr ETF217.351.74132846510323213.63211.4206
ICICI PN 5 Year53.121.3792050486029752.397333333333351.954250.9908666666667
Bharat Bond 203111480.7823507980797681139.088333333331128.84841107.26006666667
Bharat Bond 20301284.210.5607459071656471277.0491265.65441239.7486
Bharat Bond 20251132.870.5309019357746981126.887333333331120.90341101.76453333333
Nippon ETF Liq.1000.010.0006666644444626141000.003333333331000.00321000.00306666667
DSP BlackRockETF10000.000133333511104406999.998666666667999.999999.9994