Breakout Stocks is a list of all those stocks in an Index / a Group which have broken their 30 / 50 / 150 Days Simple Moving Average in either of the directions (Positive / Negative). This list gives Company Name, Current Market Price, % Change and Simple Moving Average levels for 30, 50 and 150 Days.

CompanyCMPChg (%)- Simple Moving Average -
30 Days50 Days150 Days
F A C T52.9031760463143713.098333333333703.471739.854
R C F43.8427088456859154.516151.2276149.919533333333
Garden Reach Sh.37.28022199300041282.923333333331142.487936.393333333333
Chambal Fert.37.2065949021505406.576666666667400.148368.817
Mazagon Dock33.20689649405362989.6352699.2382309.25533333333
JK Paper32.7815761065131393.691666666667383.019382.594666666667
Deepak Fertiliz.28.6200044159859566.125568.146580.887666666667
Cochin Shipyard27.72440971917551747.473333333331528.7381018.61313333333
Sunteck Realty26.4572765742791475.773333333333460.164457.224666666667
Uno Minda26.188499187201855.07804.808711.121