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What is personal loan No Objection/ No Dues Certificate?

A personal loan No Objection/ No Dues Certificate (NOC) is issued by the lender when you have fully paid back the personal loan that you took from it. After the full repayment of the loan and the interest on it, you should approach the lender for issuance of the NOC.

Can You Get Tax Exemptions On Personal Loans

One can get tax exemptions on interest paid on personal loans under certain circumstances. It is the purpose of your personal loan that determines whether you’ll qualify for tax savings.

How To Get A Personal Loan As A CIBIL Defaulter

The phrase “CIBIL Defaulter” does not appear in anyone’s CIBIL report, nor is it a legal term. Borrowers with very low CIBIL scores (less than 650) are called CIBIL defaulters because they are highly likely to have regularly missed payments on their credit commitments in the past.

The Key Benefits Of Pre & Partial Payment Of Personal Loan

Early partial payment of personal loans means that when you have surplus funds in your bank account, that amount goes to making early repayment of part of your personal loan. Full prepayment means fully paying back the personal loan that you have taken, before the due date.

What Is FOIR? How Does It Impact Personal Loan Approval?

The full form of FOIR is Fixed Obligation to Income Ratio and is a finacial metric by which the creditworthiness of the applicant for various loans, including home loans, personal loans, and other forms of credit, is judged.

Benefits Of Taking Personal Loans from NBFCs In India

In the constantly evolving landscape of personal finance in India, various new options have come up, among which the most mentionable is Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) which have emerged as dynamic players in the world of finance. NBFCs have gained immense popularity due to the convenience and advantages that they offer to borrowers. This article will focus on the benefits of opting for a personal loan from NBFCs in India. Let’s start by looking at what NBFC is.

Home Loan Vs. Personal Loan

Personal loans are unsecured loans taken for fulfilling some personal purpose. Home loans are secured loans taken for the purpose of buying a house. The house that is bought from the home loan also serves as the collateral or security for the loan.

How Much Personal Loan Can I Get On Rs 40,000 Salary?

One of the most popular and commonly opted debt products are personal loans because of their easy, quick, and convenient process of application. Moreover, they can also be issued for various types of personal expenses without any rigidity, such as mortgage loans or automobile loans.

Personal Loan Foreclosure Charges Explained

Personal loan foreclosure means the early repayment of the total loan amount before the end of the tenure of the loan. If you decide to pay the remaining balance of your loan before the agreed date of repayment, it will be referred to as foreclosure of your loan.

Useful Guide On Personal Loan Disbursement Process

All that you need to ensure is correct information and documents. Personal loans have gained the most popularity due to their flexibility and convenience. The best option to opt for a personal loan is from a financial institution with whom you have a bank account.

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