List of Currency Articles


Dollar Index Falls Hard; And What It Means For India?

The dollar is the most widely traded currency in the world and is an indicator of the relative strength of the US Dollar around the world. There are a number of reasons for the importance of the USD.

RFC A/C: What Is Resident Foreign Currency Account?

After having worked abroad as an NRI (non-resident Indian), you would surely have some foreign investments such as your bank account balance, investments in shares, mutual funds, etc.

What is the American Depository Receipt?

Investors worldwide scout for companies and their stocks that can give them good returns to achieve their financial goals.

The curious case of Non-fungible tokens

The advent of internet technologies has evolved to an unprecedented level, where it has created a digital-first ecosystem that aims to give the common people the highest control.

What is Blockchain?

The current investment market has gone beyond traditional asset classes that are tightly regulated by various regulatory bodies such as SEBI and RBI.

Difference between Federal Currency and Cryptocurrency

The evolution of money from barter system, Bretton wood system to fiat money has been a great journey. From ancient times in India, precious metals were used as currency.

What is Ethereum's London Hard Fork?

The same is the case with Ethereum. Certain issues were faced by those working at the top of Ethereum which resulted in Ethereum 2.0, the London hard fork.

How to choose a Bitcoin Exchange

The primary purpose of the exchange is to reflect the current market prices of the cryptocurrency offered.

Guide on how to invest in Cryptocurrency

Money, but virtual; that’s the main idea behind cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are defined as the digital version of money that is created and held as virtual coins or tokens.

A Complete Beginners’ Guide to Bitcoin

Before 2017, if people wanted to invest and multiply their wealth, the only way was to invest in regulated financial instruments such as equities, derivatives, commodities, currencies and bonds.