What Is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Calculator?


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If you are a regular investor in mutual funds, you must be familiar with terms like mutual fund SWP calculator and systematic withdrawal plan calculator India. The mutual fund SWP calculator helps you to work out a model how you can profitably draw down your corpus in a systematic manner. Let us take a detailed look at the systematic withdrawal plan calculator India.

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Before we get into the nuances of the systematic withdrawal plan calculator or SWP calculator, let us start by looking at what this concept of systematic withdrawal plan or an SWP is all about. This is a structured drawdown plan offered by mutual Funds, where you withdraw a fixed amount periodically from the scheme. When you draw a fixed small amount from the corpus, it is better than withdrawing a lump sum at one go as the remaining funds in the mutual fund continue to earn returns.

Normally, if you are retired and plan to live out of your accumulated corpus, then SWP helps to fulfil your monthly cash flow needs. It is most suitable during retirement when you actually need funds for your sustenance. You can look at the SWP as the reverse of a SIP. In an SIP you invest in a phased manner while in an SWP you withdraw in a phased manner. That way, you can draw down your entire corpus over 20-25 years post retirement and not worry about just taking out the returns. Also, the SWP is more tax efficient as the tax is only imposed on returns and SWP has a large principal component too.

Can I choose the withdrawal amount or is it fixed?

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