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What is minimum support price (MSP) and does it really benefit farmers?

Minimum support price (MSP) for agricultural produce. Fresh talks have begun over the governments move of hiking the MSP to 50% over production cost and whether it will benefit farmers. Let us look at whether the move makes sense given that it has always been one of the major demands in all of the farmer movements in the country.

Economics For Everyone - India's Foreign Trade Policy (FTP/EXIM)

India's Foreign Trade Policy also known as Export Import Policy (EXIM) in general, aims at developing export potential, improving export performance, encouraging foreign trade and creating favorable balance of payments position.

All About Tax-Free Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS)

The SCSS has emerged as a veritable source of savings for senior citizens and here are some of the highlights of the SCSS scheme. Rate of interest on SCSS is currently at 8.6% and is reset every quarter after a review by the Finance Ministry. The SCSS interest rate has been, on an average, 60-100 bps above the bank FD rate.

How To Claim Income Tax Rebate Under Section 87A?

A tax return or popularly known as Income Tax Return (ITR) is the information required by the Income Tax Department regarding your annual gross income across different sources, tax liabilities, tax that has been paid and the refunds (in case any: if the tax paid is higher than the tax owed) that the government is supposed to give.

What Is The Difference Between A Tax Return And A Tax Refund?

A tax refund and a tax return are the most commonly used terms of a tax system. While the taxes could be either the ones paid directly by the taxpayers such as Income tax or the indirect ones such as GST (Goods and Services Tax).

What Is Finance Act?

Finance Bill is presented usually in the last week of February every year and this bill contains amendments in direct as well as indirect taxes. It is usually presented in the Parliament by the Finance Minister.